Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekend Treat

Hope everyone had a good week! Here's a little something for all of the Northern Hemisphere fans, who, if you're anything like me, are buried under snow at the moment!

Daria shooting for L'Equipe Sport et Style in the Seychelles

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2014 Ad Campaign

December has got to be by far my favourite month of the year. Every standing structure is insulated by about two meters of snow, paleness is somewhat, although warily, accepted, Christmas is right around the corner ... and despite all of this cold, fashion does a little quantum leap and starts releasing the spring campaigns! 

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2014

As expected, Daria has landed the Spring 2014 Salvatore Ferragamo ad campaign, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, with a cameo by Sean Opry. 

The Italian fashion house is usually quick to release their campaigns, so its become a bit of a tradition to expect Ferragamo as Daria's first campaign of the season. Nevertheless its great to see her continue working with such a prominent brand. These campaigns are never really groundbreaking for me, but they do a good job of producing a beautiful image. This one especially with the hair and makeup ... I feel like Daria's giving her best Gisele in this campaign! I think we all know by now this woman in the images is a far cry from Daria outside of fashion-land ... and I think thats why I always end up loving these campaigns - they're like a visual testimonial to a great model.


If you'd like to see Daria's other work with Salvatore Ferragamo, you can visit the Ad Campaigns page, or browse through the Salvatore Ferragamo tag for behind the scenes pictures and videos!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

L'Equipe Sport & Style December 2013

I love that the older Daria gets, the more reign she has in the work she produces. Like this sailing themed editorial from L'Equipe Sport & Style. Its no secret that one of Daria's loves in life is sailing and this relationship is portrayed beautifully in this editorial.


Daria was photographed by Mathieu Cesar for the December issue of L'Equipe Sport & Style, in a series of black and white shots taken in Seychelles. Water Girl is seriously so beautiful and its interesting to see another take of Daria doing what she loves most. Plus, anything involving a turtle is pretty awesome by my standards (check out the third image below!).

There is an interview in French as well, and if anyone would like I can translate this, just let me know in the comments!

Water Girl
L'Equipe Sport & Style December 2013
Daria Werbowy by Mathieu Cesar



Monday, December 16, 2013

Things To Look Forward To

Daria has really been churning out the work as of late. But if these candids and Instagrams are any indication, then 2014 should be just as busy as the end of 2013 was. Here are some things to look forward to:

Daria worked with makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, hair stylist Christiaan and wardrobe stylist Kate White. White often works with W magazine, and this was from a shoot with Mert and Marcus, so my best guess is on a W magazine editorial for the new year.

In perhaps the most interesting of previews Daria worked with Mert and Marcus for a Vogue UK story styled by none other than Kate Moss! If you haven't heard Mossie joined the Vogue UK team as a Contributing Fashion Editor. I'm sensing a March cover in Daria's foreseeable future ...

Daria is seen here with Yann Weber who works with both L'Express Styles and Antidote magazine. Daria just had a recent editorial in L'Express but this candid below is from a shoot for Antidote. It's an amazing publication so I'm so excited to see how this will turn out.

Daria and Andrea Tremolada of Salvatore Ferragamo so expect another Ferragamo campaign for Spring 2013! Hmm Marant, DVF and Celine, take note!

A very zen Daria on set with stylist Alastair McKimm. I'm not too familiar with his work but I do know that Alastair mostly works with i-D magazine and The Last Magazine ... but it could really be for anything. Have I also ever mentioned how much I love saying the name Alastair? ... Alastair.


There's been a bit of a shuffle over at Mango with Daria replacing Miranda Kerr as the face of the brand. She shot with Josh Olins in a desert somewhere. Honestly I've seen enough desert editorials to last me a life and a half but regardless I can't wait to see how these turn out. 

Daria also worked with Alexi Lubormiski for a Lancome advertisement. I think the Instagram below right is from this shoot because the hairstyle does look quite similar. I'm hoping for a bunch of new Lancome ads because it has been quite a while!

Behind the scenes with Alexi Lubormiski, newest Lancome image (source)

So thats an editorial in W Magazine, a potential cover and editorial in Vogue UK, work in Antidote, the new Salvatore Ferragamo campaign, Mango Spring 2013, an editorial with Alastair McKimm and a return to Lancome. Phew ... did I miss anything?

Catching Up

Oop - it's been a while! Sadly I've been too busy to update ... but not so sadly, it seems Daria has been pretty busy too! Here's a rundown on what's been happening in the past few months:

As predicted Daria landed the Fall 2013 Maiyet campaign, photographed by Cass Bird ...

she also showed up in the behind the scenes video for the campaign (thanks for the upload Megan!) ...

Maiyet wasn't her only campaign as she was one of many faces for the Isabel Marant for H&M line. No surprise there considering Daria has been the Marant campaign girl multiple times in the past ...


Behind the scenes:

And it seems like France has been having something of a love affair with Daria as of late as she's appeared in not one but four French magazines in the past three months!

First in the November 2013 issue of Marie Claire ...

Daria Werbowy Top Nature
Daria by Nico
Marie Claire France November 2013

then in Madame Figaro the same month ...

Beaute Magnetique
Daria by Nico
Madame Figaro November 2013
(the rest of which you can see on the Editorials page)

Behind the Scenes:

in L'Express Styles to round off November ...

Daria Werbowy Une Beaute Sauvage
Daria by Cass Bird
L'Express Styles November 27 2013
(the rest at the Editorials page)

She also had a small beauty editorial in Marie Claire Russia, with behind the scenes images from Lancome by Barwerd van der Plas.

Daria by Barwerd van der Plas
Marie Claire Russia November 2013

Thats mostly it when it comes to old news! There are a bunch more behind the scenes pictures but I'll be adding those to Behind The Scenes page! But for now lets move on to the newer stuff!