Friday, January 29, 2010

LOVE Magazine Issue Three

Just as I thought this month couldn't be more of a surprise, Daria covers the Spring issue of  LOVE magazine. It seems that LOVE, for lack of a better word, loves their multiple covers - Daria, Lara Stone, Kristen McMenamy and newcomer Janeil Williams all have separate covers. With five days left until the release of this issue the possibility of even more cover stars arises.

I'll just address the elephant in the room ... Daria is really giving Lara Stone a run for her money. It seems that she is joining the Dutch model as one of fashions more "revealing" models, in the most literal sense. There is no question that she looks amazing. I can't help but wonder how much of a models awareness is present when shooting nudes. Even the most beautiful girls must have some insecurities and I wonder how each model reacts when shooting something like this. Kristen McMenamy has an interesting take on the whole situation and it provides some insight into what races through a models mind during a shoot such as this.

I like the concept of four different models in the same setting. If anything, it only further illustrates how beauty can be presented in many different forms, albeit all a size 0. Lara, Kristen, Janiel and Daria all encompass different beauties, yet they are all alike in the fact that they are strong enough a model to pull this off. Mert and Marcus are the photographers and you can see a definite reference to Helmut Newton in these. Hopefully an editorial will accompany this cover -  I'm curious to see how this cover will continue - but for now enjoy this latest piece of Daria news!

Janiel Williams, Kristen McMenamy, Lara Stone, Amber Valletta, Natalia Vodianova, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Daria

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Balmain Spring Summer 2010 + Candids

This post has been accumulating on my dashboard for a while as I've been waiting for a proper image from the Balmain Spring Summer 2010 campaign to give my opinion. Its a far stray from previous Balmain campaigns and sadly not the greatest effort from the brand.

Balmain's duty to Daria is unfailing and I see her as the perfect face for the brand - both feminine and boyish, an aesthetic that is identifiable to Balmain. Yet none of these characteristics are quite present in this campaign. Yes, the SS10 collection was inspired by both the army and a sense of the outdoors but I think that the art direction in this shoot was a failed interpretation of that theme. It was as if Inez and Vinoodh decided to throw in any emblem synonymous with battle in a foreign country (look a Jeep! Palm trees!) into one photo and call it a day. Of all of the campaigns this season I am least impressed by this one.

Also I didn't want to be the one to say it but seeing as how many people have brought up the topic ... Don't get me wrong - I am never one to bring up a models appearance or weight in a negative connotation but I can't help but feel that this campaign is projecting a rather unhealthy image. To be honest, Daria hasn't looked this thin since her 2005 year of modeling but in this campaign she looks downright emaciated. I am hoping that this is just the studio lighting combined with the rather unfortunate hair and makeup but this is just one of the reasons why I don't really like this ad.

But enough about Balmain - there are great new candids of old events below. Thanks to some intense sleuthing by Megan from the Daria Werbowy gallery more candids from Daria in Morocco have appeared as well as behind the scenes images from Loewe's website. Its nice to see that Daria had some fun during her work in Morocco! The candid of Daria and the long haired fellow and the one of Daria arriving at her Loewe shooting happen to be my favourites. I've said it before but I'll say it again - I love Daria's laidback style.

Behind the Scenes of Loewe

sources: Balmain ad via ; Morocco candids from via mm6789 ; Loewe candids screencapped by me via

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vogue Paris February 2010 | Vogue-à-Porter

It's been a busy start to 2010 and the momentum doesn't seem to be slowing down. I may sound like a broken record but I am still incredulous to the magnified amount of work Daria has been doing especially when compared to the same time last year. Daria's latest efforts are in the February 2010 issue of Vogue Paris in Vogue-à-Porter a grand scale editorial lensed by Inez and Vinoodh.

Vogue Paris February 2010
Daria by Inez and Vinoodh

It is a beautifully shot series and the colours and setting are resplendent. Though the Daria + Inez and Vinoodh formula has become tired as of late I think that this editorial has redeemed the pair - at least for now. The sheer length alone (62 pages!) of this editorial showcases why Inez and Vinoodh are in such high demand at the moment. Though Vogue-a-Porter is divided in three parts I find that it has a certain flow from page to page, each story relates despite being placed in such different settings. In Daria's case the Moroccan desert provides a beautiful backdrop to springs latest looks.

That's not to say that this editorial is without its faults. Though I'd love to just simply appreciate the beautiful colours and styling the use of the male in this editorial still perplexes me. On one hand it is interesting to see the differing dynamics between the pair and it prompts the viewer to question the relations between the two. Yet I think that the use of the male still accedes to fashions use of people as props. Its happened before and I don't expect this tired idea will retire anytime soon. However, looking at it more closely prompts some more questions ... there is a playful struggle between the two with the man holding Daria back, standing protectively at her side and as an ominous figure in the background. This isn't really congruent with Daria's carefree poses  and appearance which makes the narrative even more interesting. Is the male there to symbolize an overprotective figure or just in there to showcase Prada's latest offerings? I don't know, its just something to dwell upon ... The editorial is divided into three parts and I think that Freja, Lara and Dree's part is the best at showcasing how models can interact within an exotic locale without looking like complete foreigners but Daria's part does its job at providing the mystery.

This is Daria's fifth Vogue Paris cover and the third in the past year! As someone said on tFS, Daria seems to be making up for all ofthe covers she should have had in the past. It's also another effort from the never ending collaborations with Inez and Vinoodh. I wouldn't want to complain of such an impressive editorial as this but we've all seen how one shot with Norman Jean Roy in the February issue of Vogue US produced such a refreshing image. Daria has almost solely worked with Inez van Lamsweeerde and Vinoodh Matadin in the past year with a few appearances by Mario Testino and Mert and Marcus. And although they can be credited with some of her best works they can only produce so much ... I think that Inez and Vinoodh have a singular view of Daria. Even if they place her in different clothes and settings the results are always too similar. I can't help but think back to 2007 when Daria was working with countless different photographers like Paolo Roversi, Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber and they all produced varied impressive takes of one woman. Hopefully 2010 will be a more diverse year ... maybe even Steven Meisel will work with Daria again. He worked with Freja so now it seems that anything is possible!

sources: angelscans at theFashionSpot

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2010

Following up on this previous post, the Isabel Marant campaign has been released and with a quick visit to the website you can see the four pictures on-line. But for the sake of a proper post I will upload them here as well. 

I've always felt that Daria makes the perfect Isabel Marant girl and its no surprise that the eponymous designer agrees. This is Daria's third campaign and hopefully not the last. Unfortunately it has to be my least favourite thus far. Its nothing to do with Daria or the setting but rather the clothes themselves. If you are aware of Isabel Marant's Spring Summer 2010 collection then you would have been, like me, inundated by an overflow of hot pinks, light denims and ruffles - things I try to stray very far from. Not to get too off topic and post a runway critique, but I have to say that the clothes are the only things hindering me from liking this campaign. The blue sky against a neutral ground makes for a beautiful setting and Daria's relaxed stances are fitting to the campaign - in fact I love how Daria looks in this campaign ... but I just don't like this as much as I would any Marant ad.

Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2010 : Daria Werbowy by Inez and Vinoodh

I also can't help but compare this ad campaign to the Balmain Spring Summer 2008 campaign. It is the same formula: Daria + stylist Emanuelle Alt + photographers Inez and Vinoodh. Alt's styling resume is impeccable and Vinoodh and Matadin have produced some of the most original editorials and campaigns to date, yet this entire set brings a sense of déja-vu. Its a feeling that has been manifesting for the past few months but that will come up in an entirely different post. I wonder if the team could have predicted the possible similarities between the two campaigns ... But I suppose with a raport as lengthy as theirs things are bound to be repeated!

Also a snap of the Balmain campaign was posted at tFS and can be seen here. I'll wait until a proper scan to make a post of this but my initial reaction is quite disconcerting ...

image source :

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vogue US February 2010 | Steal of the Month

The past week has been an onrush of news. A Vogue Paris editorial and cover, a few ad campaigns here and there and now an appearance in the February 2010 issue has left fans of Daria quite content. Amidst the excitation of more high profile work is a small feauturette in next months issue of Vogue US.

Vogue US February 2010
Steal of the Month
Daria Werbowy by Norman Jean Roy

It is great to see Daria working with a photographer other than Inez and Vinoodh albeit if it is just for one shot. Norman Jean Roy is a regular contributor to Vogue and often photographs smaller features and designer portfolios. The Steal of the Month page is one I look forward to each month, not just because I can afford something in Vogue but rather the fact that some of my favourite models are regularly featured. The image of Daria at the docks is beautiful and quite fitting considering her love of sailing.

image credits: scan by mchunu at tFS

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Campaign News : Balmain / H&M

These past two days have had as much news as the past two years! On the heels of her Vogue Paris cover and editorial, and Stefanel, Loewe, DSquared and Isabel Marant Daria has added another blue-chip campaign to her roster for the Spring Summer 2010 season ... Balmain! It seems that all of the rumors I was perpetuating in the past months have come to fruition. The new advertisement is in the February 2010 issue of W magazine - according to trevofashionisto member at tFS (thank you) it was "shot in a studio .. its meant to look like a jungle ... (Daria) is posing against a jeep". Vague details for now, but the styling seems on par with the rugged influences on the Spring Summer 2010 Balmain runway.

And yet, there is more - it seems that Daria will reprise her role as the face of H&M yet again. She has apparently nabbed the Spring Summer 2010 H&M campaign, as well as the jeans campaign. On a side note, all of the DSquared campaign ads have been released and they are in the SS10 gallery here.

So that is seven campaigns in one season, one Vogue Paris cover, a sixty page editorial and a partridge in a pear tree ... and  the February 2010 issue of Vogue US just came out!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vogue Paris February 2010 ... Fifth Time's a Charm

I woke up this morning to some great news. A rumor was posted on the Fashion Spot that the February covergirl of Vogue Paris would be a fresh new face - and an issue entirely dedicated to that girl so naturallly, I thought nothing too much of it. Lo and behold, the shoot that Daria did in Morocco a few months back was for a new Vogue Paris cover, and editorial.

Vogue Paris February 2010 : Daria Werbowy by Inez and Vinoodh
Daria has had her share of Vogue Paris covers in the past years (this is her fifth) but it seems that every time a new cover comes out I get just as excited as the last! The editorial is a sixty page knockout - "Vogue à Porter" by I&V with Daria Werbowy, Lara Stone, Dree Hemingway, Freja Beha, Raquel Zimmerman, Naomi Campbell, Isabeli Fontana and Anna De Rijk. It's so exciting to see Daria with a fairly newer crop of models.

And if that cover and an editorial isn't enough for you today, then be glad that Daria is the face of Isabel Marant yet again (I believe this is her second time) and she makes just as great an impact as she did in her first and second campaigns. I'll wait to write a post when we have scans and larger images but for now, enjoy the gallery below. From the looks of today 2010 is shaping out to be a great year - and it's only January!

Isabel Marant Spring 2010 campaign by Inez and Vinoodh
Here are some previews of Daria's editorial in VP:

sorces: cover scanned by laetitia at tFS ; snaps by berlinrocks and elysewalker