Friday, April 30, 2010

Lancome Ô d'Azur

It's been five years since Daria first landed the Lancome Hypnose campaign. Last year was Hypnose Senses and now in 2010 Lancome has launched a brand new perfume campaign - Lancome Ô d'Azur. Its bright and pretty, and quite different from what Daria has done for Lancome in the past.

What's better (or worse depending on whether or not you like the image) is that whenever a model lands a perfume campaign its here to stay, usually for a good five years. Remember Marija Vujovic's Dolce & Gabanna Light campaign? That was from 2007 and I still see it everywhere today! Hopefully there will be more information on this new perfume too (and a video campaign wouldn't hurt either) but for now its good to hear that Daria is still keeping up with her Lancome contract.

Also, according to an anynoymous tipper Daria shot the campaign for Austrialian brand Oroton in Palm Springs. If this comes to fruition it will be interesting to see!

sources: and snap by debora25 at tFS

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Campaign News

There has been a slew of editorials as of late but no real campaign news ... up until now. Ater nine campaigns for the Spring/Summer 2010 season, maybe Daria can make it ten for fall? So far we have one confirmed.

Daria is shooting the Fall 2010 Yves Saint Laurent campaign! The last time Daria worked for YSL was in Fall 2005 with Juergen Teller. That collaboration produced amazing results  and hopefully this new one will be just as great.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Drew A Map Of Canada ...

I've waited a while to post on Daria's editorial in Dossier magazine - now thanks to a blogger we have scans of her images inside.

I Drew A Map Of Canada ... With Your Face Sketched On It Twice
Dossier Issue 5 Spring 2010
Daria Werbowy by Cass Bird

Being something of an architecture/home style buff I am really excited to see these. We've all had hints of Daria's apartment in past editorials, but I don't think we've ever seen her this, pardon the pun, "at home". These photos feel more like a set of candids between friends than a feature in a magazine. I love Cass Bird's photography and how she manages to take such personal photos without worry of the clothing or product placement. The second shot below is one of my favourites, so whimsical and modest. I also love the fact that Daria rides ... not as great as skating but she's cool in my book. I never thought that Daria would be one of the models who would be featured in a home style shoot. Considering the fact that she almost rarely reveals personal information, and she is not one to be snapped leaving nightclubs or shopping, it is quite surprising. A pleasant surprise though!

Also, a note to write that another small part of the Fard Fatal DVD has been uploaded online ... we're yet to see the full fifteen minutes though.

source: love is the new black blog

En Pie de Guerra

Daria makes a surprise appearance in the May 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar Espana in a fourteen page studio editorial.

En Pie de Guerra
Harper's Bazaar Espana May 2010
Daria Werbowy by Nico

There is the studio editorial done right, and then there is the studio editorial gone horribly awry, the later usually courtesy of Vogue US. This is only Harper Bazaar Espana's third issue yet I think they can rival the most established magazines with this simple editorial. After countless exotic settings, homages and fictional characters something as simple as a trend driven studio shoot is a welcome change. And one as lovely as this one is simply refreshing.

I'm not a fan of military style at all, but it is the testament of a great stylist and photographer when I am clamouring to recreate most of these looks. And it is a testament to Daria's versatility and finess as a model. All of her poses are unique, and her hands and feet in the most minutiae positions.  I'm just happy to finally see Daria as Daria, stripped of any frivolous accesories ... its a welcome change in tide. Nothing new or groundbreaking but En Pie de Guerra produces solid results.

Harper's Bazaar Espana May 2010
image source: scanned by LizzyP at tFS

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bits and Bytes

Daria's editorial in Harper's Bazaar Espana May 2010 has been snapped. Hopefully we'll have scans in a few days but I couldn't help posting these preview pictures. "En pie de guerra" is photographed by Nico in a simple studio setting, far different from the glamorous cover we saw a few days ago. You can see the rest of the previews here.

More of the Summer 2010 H&M ads have been scanned. If you can remember the set of candids from a few months back of the models taking a break from shooting the images - it was my most popular post on this blog! Hopefully there will be a video somewhere out of this. H&M always makes beautiful commericials and with a plethora of models like Daria, Lara and Erin I don't know how they would be able to resist!

If you remember the Fard Fatal post a few days ago you'll also know there is a behind the scenes DVD that comes with the May issue of Vogue Paris (though I'm quite sure this only comes with the magazine in France). A few odd minutes here and there have been uploaded to youtube but the full fifteen minutes is yet to be on the web. I love anything that shows the process behind these images so I'm anxiously waiting for the full bit!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vogue Paris May 2010 | La DécaDanse

Daria's second editorial in Vogue Paris this month is based on a series of photographs of the infamous Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

La DécaDanse
Vogue Paris May 2010
Daria Werbowy and Francesco Vezzoli by Mario Testino

Vogue Paris May 2010

The powers that be at Vogue Paris must have been listening to my silent pleas, because after years of waiting someone has acted on a Jane Birkin inspired editorial with Daria. And not once, but twice in the past month. The combination of my top sixties chanteuse and top model have made for a nice surprise ... I'm listening to my Melody Nelson CD as I write! Although Vogue US had their dandy version of Daria as Jane, Vogue Paris goes for a significantly more erotic approach. Not surprising, considering Vogue Paris is always referred to as US Vogue's naughty younger sister.

The series is based on a set of photographs that Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin by Francis Giacobetti in 1974. For those of you who don't know Jane Birkin was a brilliant and beautiful French singer - her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg (a musical icon in France) was tempestuous and  produced some of the most infamous music of the time. Gone was the doe eyed Jane of the sixties and in came a raunchier version of the chanteuse. This is Daria's second most notable editorial accompanied by a male character (excluding those frivolous yet charming actor/model sets in Vogue US) ... I'm correct in thinking you can all remember In Love? It's interesting to note how I didn't once take a look at Vezzoli throughout this entire editorial. It doesn't help that his most discernible feature is his unruly mop of hair but Daria is center stage in every one of these photos.

Quite unlike her 2008 editorial, In Love, which although beautiful was flawed in its believability. This editorial is much more convincing. Erotic, albeit much less controversial than Jane and Serge's, both Francesco and Daria give their characters life and much needed depth. I love the modernity of this editorial, everything from the grey styling to the ultra sleek furniture (yes, I know - who's looking at the furniture?). It has a certain reservation to it that the pictures below, ahem, don't. An interesting foray from Mario Testino and Daria. I would have held this work more akin to Mario Sorrenti or even Inez and Vinoodh. Testino has stepped it up as of late and this editorial has only piqued my interest in what will come next ... like a Lauren Bacall reference? Carine, are you listening?

Francis Giacobetti for Liu December 1974 (Jane and Serge)

image sources: scanned by elsaskywalker at tFS, mulletproof at tFS

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vogue Paris May 2010 | Fard Fatal

The first editorial, "Fard Fatal", from the May issue of Vogue Paris has been scanned. Ben Hassett is once again the photographer and Aaron de Mey the makeup artist. This time around the colours and setup in this beauty feature are far more extreme.

Fard Fatal
Vogue Paris May 2010
Daria Werbowy by Ben Hassett

"One side, a sexy version of Daria skin bronzed ... at the other the iconic side of Daria a pale face ... two colour palettes, to match summer ideals, led to the extreme by Aaron de Mey. In both cases a party girl at high voltage, ready to mesmerize." A really rough translation of the first page (French always sounds worse when translated) but it should give you some notice about the editorial. The extreme bronzer  and pale cheeks do make more sense when put into perspective.

Although some may be hesitant at the exaggerated colour palettes it is precisely why I like this editorial. Since the past two hours after I first saw Fard Fatal I have warmed up to its odd colours and over the top styling. Makeup artists rarely get to express their dramatic visions aside from runways, as magazines always tend to favour natural and "nude" colours. The attention to detail is stunning and only more enhanced by Daria's poses - I am particularly in awe by the third image. Its quite a departure from Daria's last beauty editorial "Esprit Libre" but both shoots have their own charming singular qualities.

Also, just a heads up that Daria's second editorial in Vogue Paris, La Décadense, is a tribute of sorts to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg ... I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the similarities!

image source: elsaskywalker at tFS

Friday, April 16, 2010


I've been waiting for a chance to post little bits of news and it keeps building up. So here is one big post that can keep you satisfied for the weekend - two editorials, three covers and a new beauty ad. Not bad for one week Daria ...

In keeping up this blog of Daria, I've started to notice a few things. One: magazines really love to use Daria on their inaugural issues (see The Last Magazine). And two: creativity can always be sacrificed (in the form of a reprint) when the question of Daria or no Daria arises.

This time around Daria is on the inaugural cover of Industrie Magazine (below right) and the beauty supplement of May's Vogue Espana, as well as the third issue of Harper's Bazaar Espana (to the left). Vogue Belleza (below left) is a reprint from Daria's January 2004 editorial in Vogue US (Pretty Woman). Why the editorials would use a six-year old picture is beyond me ... but it does make for a pretty cover. Industrie magazine is a newly launched edition that will focus mainly on the workers and behind the scenes of the fashion industry. It looks like a reprint from Daria's Vogue Hommes editorial In Love (a two year old editorial ...) but this is a never before seen shot. Hopefully there will be some more unseen photos in the magazine! Lastly is Harper's Bazaar Espana - Daria looks beautiful on the cover, in the red and brown tones. No news of the editorial inside but hopefully this will be scanned soon!

It's been a little quiet on the Lancome front as of late but Daria is back for her fifth year as a spokes model for the French brand. This time for Slimissime 360 ... I won't bore you with the product details. This new ad will be added to the large collection of overly-photo shopped ads on the Lancome page though!

I've saved the best news for last. Daria's influence over at Vogue Paris doesn't seem to be waning - she is in two editorials in May's issue of Vogue Paris one lensed by Mario Testino the other by Ben Hasset.

Fard Fatal (Beauté)
Photographer : Ben Hassett
Fashion Editor : Julia Von Boehm
Model : Daria Werbowy

La Décadanse
Photographer : Mario Testino
Fashion Editor : Carine Roitfeld
Models : Daria Werbowy & Francesco Vezzoli

Daria has worked with Ben Hasset before so I have an idea of how this might turn out ... I'm really excited to hear of La Décadense - Testino, Daria and an Italian painter. Hopefully this combination of artist and muse will be better than his last!

image sources: Harper's Bazaar Espana Facebook page, Vogue Mexico Belleza scanned by burbuja at tFS, via Megan