Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vogue Paris May 2010 | Fard Fatal

The first editorial, "Fard Fatal", from the May issue of Vogue Paris has been scanned. Ben Hassett is once again the photographer and Aaron de Mey the makeup artist. This time around the colours and setup in this beauty feature are far more extreme.

Fard Fatal
Vogue Paris May 2010
Daria Werbowy by Ben Hassett

"One side, a sexy version of Daria skin bronzed ... at the other the iconic side of Daria a pale face ... two colour palettes, to match summer ideals, led to the extreme by Aaron de Mey. In both cases a party girl at high voltage, ready to mesmerize." A really rough translation of the first page (French always sounds worse when translated) but it should give you some notice about the editorial. The extreme bronzer  and pale cheeks do make more sense when put into perspective.

Although some may be hesitant at the exaggerated colour palettes it is precisely why I like this editorial. Since the past two hours after I first saw Fard Fatal I have warmed up to its odd colours and over the top styling. Makeup artists rarely get to express their dramatic visions aside from runways, as magazines always tend to favour natural and "nude" colours. The attention to detail is stunning and only more enhanced by Daria's poses - I am particularly in awe by the third image. Its quite a departure from Daria's last beauty editorial "Esprit Libre" but both shoots have their own charming singular qualities.

Also, just a heads up that Daria's second editorial in Vogue Paris, La Décadense, is a tribute of sorts to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg ... I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the similarities!

image source: elsaskywalker at tFS

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