Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lancome 29 Rue St Honore

Lancome has unveiled a new makeup collection in time for the Spring season. Although its not very Spring-y (it looks more like a Christmas collection to me) the  photo is quite pretty. Much better than the travesty that was the French Coquette collection ... I was wondering why such an odd name for a makeup collection but a little sleuthing (or rather a search on google) provided an explanation. 29 Rue St Honore is the location of the Lancome headquarters in Paris. Quite a nice touch to the collection!

Lancome 29 Rue St Honore collection (Mario Testino)

I can't for the life of me understand why Lancome keeps pairing Daria with Elettra Wiedemann. It only makes the latter look so much plainer and we all know how she came to get her Lancome contract ... either way there are great behind the scenes pictures and hopefully a video will come out soon as well!

Behind the scenes

On the same note, I've updated the Lancome page and finished the 2010 and 2011 pages with all HQ images! Also, also, also if you haven't already you can add me on my Facebook page - I'd love to hear from readers of the site!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Quick Post ...

... to let you know that the editorial section for 2010 and 2011 is now complete! I've just finished uploading all of the editorials from the past year so the archive there is complete! I'm just planning on buying a few magazines to make my own scans as well.

Also, Rado from tFS (thank you!) posted a new scan from Turkish Harper's Bazaar. If you remember Daria had a feature in Harper's Bazaar Dubai in 2009 photographed by Alan Gelati. The scan below is from Turkish Harper's Bazaar and the middle and far right picture are both new. If I have any Turkish readers it would be great if you could provide bigger scans! lütfen teşekkür ederim :)

And last but not least - I've made an email account where all readers of the blog and Daria fans can contact me. Feel free to email me at - I love hearing from readers and fans!

Vogue Paris June July 2011 : Osmose

With Emmanuelle Alt as the new editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris I believe we should be seeing a lot more of Daria in the coming months! After all Daria us Alts favourite model. Now, I'm not sure how I feel about Alt as an editor but you know I am all for more Daria in the magazine. For the June/July issue Daria has only one photo but a beautiful photo it is.

I have to say its one of my favourite of Daria's endless "on-the-beach" photos. The setting, colours and pose are beautiful and this image kind of reminds me of old seventies editorials like the ones Marisa Berenson used to shoot with Avedon. It would have been beautiful to see more but sometimes the best things come in smaller packages.

scanned by Valentine27 @ tFS forums

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Look Back

Nine months of no updates (I don't know how some of you still came to visit but thank you so much!) and I've finally caught up on most of Daria's work. From my calculations there have been:

17 Editorials
10 Covers
9 Interviews
8 Ad Campaigns
6 Public Appearances
3 Runway Shows (!!)
2 Calendars

I have to say, looking back at the photos from the past year I am mostly suprised by a couple of things. First, Daria walking in three shows in such a small time space! We all know she isn't a major runway presence anymore but nevertheless it was great to see her walking in Paris and New York! If anything it just shows her allegiance to designers and photographers. She walked for Tom Ford who she worked really closely with during 2003-2004 (who can forget her Fall 2004 campaign under Tom Ford's direction), the Hakaan show which is under the creative direction of Mert Alas of photographers Mert & Marcus who love photographing Daria and of course another appearance at Daria's favourite - Balmain.

Another surprise was seeing Daria at an actual event! Nonetheless it was for Lancome but it was  cute seeing her pose with Kate Winslet and Mario Testino on the red carpet, completely oblivious to the makeup and fancy dresses that her colleagues wore. I still don't understand how a spokesperson for a makeup brand can show up to an event without so much as a bit of mascara!

I've also noticed the rise of the beach editorial. It seems like more than anything Daria has become super comfortable with showing her body. So much so, that whenever I got the chance to see any new pictures I was surprised that they constantly lacked any, well, clothing! But the images I've seen are beautiful and the portray Daria as the person, rather than just another model.
But perhaps one of my favourite news was Daria as the face of Celines Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign! I've been a huge fan of creative director Phoebe Philo since her days at Chloe and I love her work at Celine. The campaign, photographed by Juergen Teller was just so cool! And to see Daria with a skateboard was even better - coming from a fellow boarder I wish I looked that cool travelling around campus.

Blablabla, enough about my rambles. I'll update the site with the newest images ASAP but for now I'll just post on new things to keep the site less redundant. Also congratulations to anyone that read this far into the post, but I just felt the need to comment a bit on what has happened in Daria's career!