Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Very Good Bye

I have some bad news but I've tried my best to mediate it with this post ... unfortunately (and fortunately) I will be away for a month on a trip and I don't think I will be able to have Internet connection most of the time. I'll try my best to do check-ins and update the site as much as I can but I am just warning my readers and letting you know that this break won't be as long as the last! I'll be back in less than a month and make sure to blog everything I have missed!

But for now, to satiate your Daria needs in this long drought, I have found a bucket-load of candids of Daria. And every single photo is beautiful! What makes these even greater is the fact that they are candids and show Daria in her natural element, with her friends and family - whether it be sailing, on a trip to Corsica, backstage at the Canadian Walk of Fame or at home in Toronto. I'm soooo excited to share these photos with you because I don't believe we've ever gotten to see Daria like this. I have to say, although it is really hard, my favourite photos have to be of Daria playing the guitar on a boat and cigarette in mouth. Can she really get any more cooler?

Now before you worry, all of these photos were taken from a reliable site and are already out in the public. They are all taken from photographer Gregory White's flickr page. Now, for a little backdrop to how I found these photos. Incidentally I did a Google search for Daria's boyfriend (I'm assuming we all know who her significant other is by now?) and came across a photo of his work on flickr. Not thinking much of it I clicked on the photographers portfolio and came across all of these photos. After a little looking I realized Gregory White is actually a friend of Daria.
Now enjoy these photos because they may be some of the most we'll see in the following months seeing as Daria is on another sailing trip this summer, much like the ones in the photos below!

Please credit to Gregory White for his great skills if you decide to share these and some credit to this site would be very very much appreciated!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Campaign News

This is the time that I'm really excited for - when its still summer but the magazines are already turning out fall inspired editorial and most excitingly new fall campaigns! Not counting her Fall 2011 Oroton campaign (released in Australia a while back) Daria has already landed her first campaign for the season, returning as the familiar face of Stefanel. Here is another shot along with the one posted before. I really love that they decided to take the direction to Berlin, one of my favourite cities.

Stefanel Fall Winter 2011 Daria Werbowy
Also some more exciting news - Daria has landed the Fall Winter 2011 campaign for Salvatore Ferragamo. This after just appearing in the Spring Summer campaign photographed by Mikael Jansson. There haven't been any pictures released of Daria yet but the Fashion Spot forums are buzzing with news that she and male model Clement Chabernaud have reprised their roles as campaign faces, so fingers crossed!

source: congacon at tFS

Friday, June 17, 2011

Elle Girl

If Elle has a favourite model then it is definitely Daria - at least for this year! Daria lands another two covers for the July month, both issues of Elle, in Elle Korea and Russia. They are both reprints from her editorial in Elle Spain May 2011 (which you can see under the editorial page).

Elle Korea July 2011Elle Russia July 2011
Elle Korea (left) and Elle Russia (right)

I really like the Elle Korea cover and the fact that this international edition chose something other than the beach shot for the cover. Its always refreshing to see a closeup shot on a cover! The Elle Korea edition also comes with a beach supplement which you can see here. So far Daria has five Elle covers this year, all from the same editorial, and with a couple of months of summer left I have a feeling these won't be her last!

source: elle.ru via tarsha at tFS and libro.co.kr via pietrinn at tFS

Thursday, June 16, 2011

7 Questions for Daria

I was browsing the web and came across this small beauty interview with Marie Claire Italia. We've heard most of the questions before but some are new and its always interesting to hear Daria's take on things ... plus there is a beautiful unseen photo of Daria by Jeff Burton for Lancome!

Interview (translated very roughly by google):

We have had so many questions, but the beautiful Daria Werbowy is unwilling to share everything and revealed only a few secrets. But how could we blame her? Her professional life means she is always in the spotlight. At 27 years she is one of the highest paid models in the world since 2005 and is also one of the faces of LancĂ´me. She loves to flee on a boat sailing, her passion, along with the music she calls "my boyfriend." On the real tight-lipped. In a world that for 15 minutes of fame will do anything, so be it the privacy of a famous model.

Sleeps in total darkness?

She never goes to bed without ...
A song in the background.

Beauty ritual before going to sleep?
I always wash my face, no matter how tired I am.

The secret after a sleepless night?
Coffee and a cream for the eye area.

Being a model means spending many nights traveling and sleepin in foreign beds. What does one need to feel at home away from home?
It takes a book and the music I love to make me feel good wherever I am.

What book is on the table now?
I'm reading one on Irish mythology and sagas.

What perfume or odour do you associate with the night?
Clean sheets.

Stefanel Fall 2011 Campaign

Daria has her first official campaign for the Fall Winter 2011/12 season! Although she didn't return as the face of Balmain (after starring in their Spring 2010 campaign) she reprises her role as the face of Stefanel! This is her fourth consecutive and fourth overall campaign for the Italian label, so I think its safe to call Daria the Stefanel girl now!

The campaign was shot in Berlin, Germany by Mario Testino and Daria costars with a few puppy companions!

You can find all of Daria's past Stefanel campaigns under the Ad Campaigns page.

I already like the feel of this campaign from the first shot. It looks like it will be another out and about in the city theme. And you can never go wrong with dogs ... look at how cute that puppy is!

source : youkioske via flashbang and debora25 at tFS

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daria and the Detectives

Update Yep, it is Eniko, Daria's doppelganger, in the Spring 2010 issue of V Magazine (#64). Thanks Megan!

I've been reading up a bit on Inez and Vinoodh's exhibit in Sao Paolo (by the way did anyone go!) and I came across a video and interview from the photographer duo. This is from their exhibit last year in Amsterdam at FOAM museum. The whole premise and layout of the exhibit seems identical to the one they just had in Sao Paulo, but that wasn't what caught my eye.  I think I found another portrait of Daria? If you look below at the two screencaps the photo of the girl with the big hair and whiskers looks a lot like Daria. Now I may be wrong, I think it is quite possible model Eniko Mihalik, but what do you guys think?

Either way the video below is really interesting to watch and Inez and Vinoodh give a detailed interview on their exhibit and their feeling towards photography in the world of fashion. The image of Daria appears at around 3:22 s.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Daria as Inez

A new photo is a rare sight these days. It looks like Daria's been laying low for the past month in terms of magazine apperances, and now that she's off sailing the world for the next two months I don't think we'll see much in the future! Thats why it was a treat to find this photo of Daria dressed like Inez van Lamsweerde in a photographer-muse switch.

Daria Werbowy as Inez in the "Pretty Much Everything" Exhibit
This photo was taken by Inez and Vinoodh in 2010 and will be displayed at an exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil ... well right about now actually! If there are any Brazilian readers out there then you should go to the exhibition - it starts in half an hour - and then you can let us know if there are any other unseen Daria pictures!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elle Poland July 2011

Elle sure does love their reprints but its good for fans because now we have another cover for Daria this year! Elle Poland reprinted Elle Spains May 2011 cover. I have to say I like the Polish edition more for its brighter colours.

Now I don't normally do posts on reprints but seeing as how the news is sparse these days ... and also for any Polish readers out there (or for those able to get ahold of this magazine!) could you let us know if there is an interview inside or perhaps new unpublished pictures? It would be much appreciated!

source: facebook.com/ellepolska

Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Friends, Good Hair

I did a bit of random browsing last night and stumbled on hairstylist Harry Josh's website. If you remember Daria has attended his Spring Fling parties a few times and they seem to be good friends - good enough to warrant a spot on Josh's candid page! I've found a great unseen candid from back in 2007.

This candid was probably taken at one of Harry Josh's parties and Daria is pictured with Julia Stegner. 2007 was my favourite 'Daria year' and I love this candid. How is it possible that Julia and Daria still look good making the dumbest faces? Ah, the perks of being a model. Enjoy!

source : harryjosh.com

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

Daria can add another Lancome campaign to her 2011 year. She one of the three faces, along with Arlenis Sosa and Eletrra Wiedemann, for a new version of Lancomes Hypnose mascara - Doll Eyes. If vapid and beautiful, albeit slightly creepy, dolls was the look Lancome was going for then they really nailed it. Thanks to francy_italy at tFS for the heads up!

I used to really dislike Lancome ads in the past for their overly eager photoshop but I've grown to really like and look forward to their campaigns. Its not every model that has a beauty contract for over five years and Daria has done a great job as a spokesperson. I'm not biased (no really!) but Daria stands out in this campaign.

Behind the Scenes of Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

Its also great that this came out today because I was just about to post on some site news! I completely revamped the Lancome page and Daria's entire work with Lancome is now added and archived to the site! Just browse through the years for behind the scenes pictures, commericals and campaigns. I'm really glad that a big portion of the site is now finished, but if you find any trouble or have a picture that is not up there then please let me know :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Outtake Special

We all remember Daria's recent spread in the Times Style magazine (and if you don't then I've added scans to the editorial section!) and whats even greater is that we get a new crop of photos we've never seen before! I've found a couple of shots that weren't published as well as a new photo in the contents section of the magazine. I love the photo of Daria peeking out from the sand and sitting in the white chair and smoking and ... I love this entire spread to be honest! Cass Bird always does a great job with Daria.

I've also found a great photo from Daria's spread in the April 15th issue of Madame Figaro. It was released a while ago so I can't believe it slipped under my radar. But I love this photo and all the details you can gather from it, from the fact that Daria shaved her hair just at the nape of the neck (a solution to taming hair while saililng?) to her unique piercings and jewellery and that tattoo on the back of her neck which she has never explained.