Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Outtake Special

We all remember Daria's recent spread in the Times Style magazine (and if you don't then I've added scans to the editorial section!) and whats even greater is that we get a new crop of photos we've never seen before! I've found a couple of shots that weren't published as well as a new photo in the contents section of the magazine. I love the photo of Daria peeking out from the sand and sitting in the white chair and smoking and ... I love this entire spread to be honest! Cass Bird always does a great job with Daria.

I've also found a great photo from Daria's spread in the April 15th issue of Madame Figaro. It was released a while ago so I can't believe it slipped under my radar. But I love this photo and all the details you can gather from it, from the fact that Daria shaved her hair just at the nape of the neck (a solution to taming hair while saililng?) to her unique piercings and jewellery and that tattoo on the back of her neck which she has never explained.

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