Monday, June 30, 2008

Covergirl Commercial(ism)

Thanks eword for the heads-up! The recently posted picture of Daria by Dana Gonzales (right) actually comes from a Covergirl commercial that was shot back in 2003. It was a test commercial that featured Marija Vujovic, Hana Soukupova, Raquel Zimmerman and Julia Stegner. The video can be found at under the commercial section.

It is kind of weird to think where Daria would be right now if Covergirl had ultimately picked this new direction to go with. For those of you who don't know much about this makeup brand, their focus is quite commercial and caters to the girl-next-door mindset. Quite different from the upscale French Lancome brand.

If anyone watches Americas Next Top Model (sadly, my vice) then you will know that a contract with CoverGirl is the winning prize. Moreover it is quite heavily endorsed by celebrities rather than models and has quite a mainstream approach. It would have been interesting to see how Daria's career would have gone if she ended up with CoverGirl over Lancome, but ultimately I'm glad she chose the latter. Thanks again for the info eword!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

F/W 2008 Campaign Update : Isabel Marant + Jean Paul Gaultier

It's a busy news day for Daria fans as we have previews of not one but two of Daria's campaigns for this fall season. Up until now we'd only seen Daria's ads for Dior but her Fall 2008 campaign count is up to three, with new ads from Isabel Marant and Jean Paul Gaultier.

I'm a big fan of the Marant brand and my admiration extends to their campaigns and artistic licence. That's why it's no surprise that I love this campaign with Daria. I'm not quite as fond of the JPG ads but I do like their likeness to Richard Avedon's work for Versace. I'll have to see them in HQ to decide. Thanks debora25 for the snaps!

source : Isabel Marant scan by deiselmax at tFS, JPG snaps by debora25 at tFS

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bits And Pieces

HFGL from the Fashion Spot forums was kind enough to scan the entire W magazine editorial "Summer Camp"! There aren't any additional pictures of Daria that I haven't already posted apart from the one on the left - so cute! You can view all the images by clicking on the following links:

Part One

Vogue US July 2008 : Adult Education by David Sims

just came back to a quick trip to the computer from watching soccer (Croatia vs. turkey -still 0-0!). it seems just in time - the new pictures from the vogue us editorial have been posted. its very standard vogue us fair (gray backgrounds, jumping models....) but this time I'm not complaining. actually I'm quite pleased (considering the stupid stuff shes had to do in the past)
anytime that a vogue us editorial gives me more than one image to love then its OK by me
to be honest i was prepared to hate this but out of Daria's usual work in vogue us some of the pictures make the editorial interesting, like these ones i featured. Daria is so strong in these and i envy the fact she can jump so high in stilettos (Linda evangelista pose off anyone?). she plays her characters so well with being strong yet feminine at the same time - she sort of reminds me of a superhero in these

to view the full editorial click here and here (thanks idolfan8890!)

Darquel Werimermann

A quick preview of the new editorial in US Vogue with Daria and Raquel Zimmermann. I'm off to write an exam now so I cant reflect much - wish me luck!

thanks chriss!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

giggles and water fights

seems like the w set for the summer camp shoot was the place to be. posted three videos of the shoot including our lovely daria in number two. screencaps below (including my favourite one front and centre) and the video here

seems like w caught the youtube bug - they have their own channel and the video's uploaded! i added it to my favourites so you can go to the archive im building up of darias videos here

we don't need no education

the large cover from egotastic - just click - and some news of a new editorial in july vouge. considering the formula and the info we have right now, im not too excited
we`ll just have to wait and see i guess

adult education
14 pgs
photog: david sims
models: daria and raquel
fashion editor: grace goddington

edit: some more info on the shoot
``Daria and Raquel look good in typical US Vogue/David Sims jumping & expression fare.`
slicked back hair and dark eve makeup. very clean and severe.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


the glamour uk article last week? i unearthed some clearer pictures of the ones that were taken at the shoot along with a few others from kettela's website (it seems like he's a favourite when daria does press)

W July August 2009 | SUMMER CAMP

I'm off to school soon but i just saw a preview of the W editorial and the cover! Daria is on the new issue along with Lara Stone and Kate Moss. I will be back with more soon but, to fill the void, here are some pictures and the entire collection at here. I can't talk for too long I really have to hurry but so far I think this is very promising!

seven hours and two stabucks lattes later...
I am back! Sorry for leaving you with such a cryptic preview. I've only just had a full look at all of the pictures and I have concluded a few things
one: Lara Stone has some pair of boobs (Is that how you would phrase it? Probably not) two: she shows them off in probably 99% of the shots (not complaining) and three: Daria still manages to capture my attention (oh and four: Kate moss is cool and all but her looks are really starting to wear down - she looks very aged in these shots, albeit a bit mundane. I love the girl but i can see where the term "Kate overload" comes from)

This has to be one of my favorite shots. compare Daria's to Kates. Daria just draws you in while Kate sort of looks spaced out. and Lara sort of looks like she's giggling behind the covers :D
overall i really like this editorial. mostly because its just Daria along with the models being themselves - Daria is left very natural and so is Lara. It is a very interesting editorial to look at with many different elements and directions but it works together. Its convinced me to finally buy a w after all the dubious shit they put out the past couple if issues

Friday, June 13, 2008

There With Flare ... and Daria

i was just looking through an old archive of Daria videos when i came across the there with flare video - Daria had just shot her cover (i think it was her fifth?) with the magazine and i think it was one of the most interesting conversations with her to date

i just realised that shes about the only model that captivates me in terms of what she has to say. i was watching an interview with isabeli fontana on fashiontv today and it was five minutes of my life ill never get back. the girl is gorgeous but really all she had to say was "i will wear something short, and sexy... short and short!" when asked how she celebrates new year....
Daria on the other hand actually has some insight into what she does. for her its more of a job than it is a lifestyle and that's why i like her - because she has other interests than "like, we get to wear cool clothes".
i made some crappy caps on the side and here's the interview below :

Thursday, June 12, 2008

change of scenery

finally! a new layout! i was just playing around and happened to come across this. knowing me though, ill probably change it in a week. i like this a lot better than the old one though. its much more detailed - no plain blogger for me - i love art for a reason! so to celebrate the new layout take a look at an old daria (technically young daria but old pic)
i just found this flicking through her thread at tFS. it was from the marc by marc show in fall 03!needless to say the expressions have softened up a bit on the runway - she looks like she's going to take out wintour in the front row!
ive also added a music player - i have one on the other blog and i figured why not here too. plus, the strokes make everything better

daria squared

I'm just sifting through the countless pictures i have on my computer and i came across this one.
i think it is Karl Lagerfeld a few years back? Her hair was still quite long and light back then.
Anyways just wanted to post this because i loved this picture and th news is quite slow at the moment...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Out of Africa

FrancyItaly at bellazon has scanned the entire vanity fair Italian issue which features even more pictures of Daria and the other models. i have to say that the one below is my favourite - the elephant was Cathy and reading over the article it seems like she was the big super on set!
i have to say that at first i was really anxious to see the pictures - i thought they would turn out to be very "rich girl goes on safari trip to Africa" but they're quite the opposite. i see that nearly all the girls are in the elements, either rolling in mud or with the animals.

I've seen peter beard's work in a couple of nation geographic magazines so i doubt that this will turn into something like testino's work on location. i was worried they would make it something extremely glamorous which i find so stupid when they use this method to contrast with the African wildlife. so far the pictures I've seen are quite gorgeous. However, Peter Beards work is very visually stunning and he seems to be the perfect photographer for this concept - if you'd like to see more of his works go to his website.

Friday, June 6, 2008

into the wild: a pirelli preview

here's our first real preview of daria in the pirelli calendar!! fashionologie posted a video of the girls at the shoot. i saw a lot of naked mud rolling on maria carla's behalf and jumping into the water.
i made a screencap. still quite blurry as youtube videos always are. for now im still trying to digest my thoughts. i dont know if i like this or hat this. from the pixelized looks of this darias eyes look amazing. i usually prefer her in her casual editorials with just jeans and a jacket but i guess its because its daria herself.
obviously daria does not live in botswana with the elephants...
we'll see - your opinions?

out of africa

the first images of the shooting of the pirelli 2009 calendar have been released . quick post as im very busy but more later. so far this is the only shot of daria

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pirelli Calendar

News has come out (that is yet to be confirmed) that Daria will be in the new 2009 pirelli calendar. I've heard of this calendar briefly before but don't really know what it is - supposedly a girls exclusive calendar according to wikipedia? Although, I wouldn't really trust their sources. But after searching for images on google all i see are wet and half naked models with squinted eyes.....
This should be interesting!

Daria by Daria

Quick post here as I'm off to bed soon - I'm too tired for anything substantial!
Daria is not in one, but two new interviews featuring her work for Lancome and her personal life (haha yeah right). She is featured in an issue of Hello Canada as well as Glamour UK.
The hello canada interview was scanned by elytrae at tFS (thanks!). i read through and nothing new. You'd think if they had an interview with such an amazing model with great personality they would ask better questions... it's all really snippets of what she's said before.

Daria by aria is a new interview in Glamour UK. I haven't read through the entire thing yet but it seems a bit more promising - a new photo shoot and a lengthy feature! you can find the scans here

Edit: I have just read through the Glamour article and nothing interesting. The shots are beautiful and the ones in this post are my favourite. Really the only "juicy" piece of information is that Daria has a boyfriend, which is really not that interesting at all!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Supermodel Status?

I'm in shock right now! I was just writing a dreary post on how there was no Daria news of late - and then this. Daria Werbowy has received the Canadian equivalent of a Oscar (ok, not really). She's getting her own star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. Daria has been chosen along with Bryan Adams, recording artist, Frances Bay, actor, James Cameron, director and producer, Michael J. Fox, actor and activist, k.d. lang, recording artist, The Kids in the Hall, comedy troupe and Steve Nash, NBA star to have their own star on the Walk of Fame

Thoughts later - a bit surprised now, to say the least. To view the full story click here
Update Ok, now my thoughts on all of this. First off, I am proud of the girl - I think she's the first model to be inducted into this hall of fame. But then I started really thinking of this fame thing - this achievement is more of an entertainment type thing. It's not the Noble prize or something. You hardly ever find scientists or philosophists on the walk. But she is in good company - Mike Meyers is a genius.

But I looked at the criteria was a bit surprised. To qualify for induction to Canada's Walk of Fame, candidates must have been born in Canada or spent their formative or creative years here. They must also have been successful for a minimum of 10 years and have a body of work recognized for its impact on our cultural heritage. I don't really know if Missoni ad campaigns or half naked editorials with Andres Segura impact Canada's cultural heritage ... But I really can't argue that she is successful - Daria has made herself known in the fashion world, although her repertoire in popular culture is certainly not as big as Steve Nash's. You can say that she is the biggest Canadian model so far, apart from Linda Evangelista (although Linda already has a astar)
So it's a nice thing. I'm proud of our girl, and that she is getting recognition for her hard work, as well as her charitable work. But somehow I can't help wondering if this will be Daria's final bow? It seems as if she's given quite a lot of herself to the media lately (literally and figuratively) and maybe that's all? Hopefully Daria will be around for a while!

Hidden Treasures

Do you remember when eword found those gorgeous pictures from Derek Ketella's website? (well, if you don't then go on to her blog to see!)
Daria shot with him for the feature she did in Glamour IT. It seems as if the photographer couldn't help snapping more pictures of her as I found one more at his site.
At first glance I had no idea who it was (I guess it was the angle). But you can clearly see her tattoos around her ankle and on her toe. This shot is all limbs - Daria looks like a giant! But none the less beautiful...
I can't help finding something wrong with her left arm though. It seems a bit tense on the table?
Edit: I think it's just me - after seeing it in large the arm doesn't look awkward at all
this is precisely why I love Daria and her modeling. she manages to look seductive while being nonchalant. no curled hair or push-up bras needed.

And here is the other shot I love - Daria in her bed at her apartment in NYC

Sunday, June 1, 2008

in many ways, they'll miss the good old days

A bit off topic, but when there isn't much news, we should find something else to post about! I'm now listening to Someday by The Strokes. This song has made me so nostalgic! I need to go back to 2001 in NY and listen to them play live! Is anyone else excited for their new album? At the risk of sounding like a fangirl i almost cried when i heard they were done their fourth album!

thanks to eword at darialogist

In Motion: Daria in Brazil

If you haven't already seen - here are two new videos featuring Daria back when she visited brazil.The first video is of Daria and her work with Lancome and Centro Especial

The second video is of Daria's visit to Brazil, where she attended carnival and shot the Vogue Brazil May cover. The thing i find really weird is the music.... "shakin' that ass" - what the hell?