Tuesday, June 17, 2008

W July August 2009 | SUMMER CAMP

I'm off to school soon but i just saw a preview of the W editorial and the cover! Daria is on the new issue along with Lara Stone and Kate Moss. I will be back with more soon but, to fill the void, here are some pictures and the entire collection at w.com here. I can't talk for too long I really have to hurry but so far I think this is very promising!

seven hours and two stabucks lattes later...
I am back! Sorry for leaving you with such a cryptic preview. I've only just had a full look at all of the pictures and I have concluded a few things
one: Lara Stone has some pair of boobs (Is that how you would phrase it? Probably not) two: she shows them off in probably 99% of the shots (not complaining) and three: Daria still manages to capture my attention (oh and four: Kate moss is cool and all but her looks are really starting to wear down - she looks very aged in these shots, albeit a bit mundane. I love the girl but i can see where the term "Kate overload" comes from)

This has to be one of my favorite shots. compare Daria's to Kates. Daria just draws you in while Kate sort of looks spaced out. and Lara sort of looks like she's giggling behind the covers :D
overall i really like this editorial. mostly because its just Daria along with the models being themselves - Daria is left very natural and so is Lara. It is a very interesting editorial to look at with many different elements and directions but it works together. Its convinced me to finally buy a w after all the dubious shit they put out the past couple if issues


  1. I just checked the W site. This ed is more about Lara's breasts and Kate's old face (sorry, Kate's fans). Kate has been doing the exact same thing for the last 18 years and Lara shows off her assets A LOT. Daria and Sasha really don't have much to do. Sasha just makes her usual crazy faces. Of the limited shots that Daria has, the B&W three-in-bed shot may be the most interesting. She really has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

    The ed itself is typical Bruce Weber, but this one feels too "loose". Maybe that's because there are too many pages and too many people and too many breasts.

  2. ^ i agree with you on the kate and lara part - theres nothing really new with kate because as far as we know shes done almost everything. in the end its just ... kate

    you are right when you say the ed is loose though. its more bruce weber shooting really anything. not a direct theme for all the shots (it looks like six different eds at one point)
    i think it works in one way though, without the intention of looking like a pulled together shoot - the only shot i wouldnt mind without is the one that was in the candids a while back (with the massage table and daria in a red dress) its quote wierd.

  3. Hey, I just got my W mag yesterday and I could already foresee in the "letters to the editor" that people would bemoan the bevy of breasts . . . Oh well, I loved the spread and thought to myself, "where is this camp and how do I sign up?".