Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hidden Treasures

Do you remember when eword found those gorgeous pictures from Derek Ketella's website? (well, if you don't then go on to her blog to see!)
Daria shot with him for the feature she did in Glamour IT. It seems as if the photographer couldn't help snapping more pictures of her as I found one more at his site.
At first glance I had no idea who it was (I guess it was the angle). But you can clearly see her tattoos around her ankle and on her toe. This shot is all limbs - Daria looks like a giant! But none the less beautiful...
I can't help finding something wrong with her left arm though. It seems a bit tense on the table?
Edit: I think it's just me - after seeing it in large the arm doesn't look awkward at all
this is precisely why I love Daria and her modeling. she manages to look seductive while being nonchalant. no curled hair or push-up bras needed.

And here is the other shot I love - Daria in her bed at her apartment in NYC


  1. Daria!!!
    she is lovely
    she is inspiring

  2. thank you so much!! ive been looking for the clean cut version of the second noe for the longest time
    but the first one has to be one of my favourite shots of hers. briilll!

  3. i love this women. So inspiring.
    and her appartement is the best in the world :)