Friday, June 6, 2008

into the wild: a pirelli preview

here's our first real preview of daria in the pirelli calendar!! fashionologie posted a video of the girls at the shoot. i saw a lot of naked mud rolling on maria carla's behalf and jumping into the water.
i made a screencap. still quite blurry as youtube videos always are. for now im still trying to digest my thoughts. i dont know if i like this or hat this. from the pixelized looks of this darias eyes look amazing. i usually prefer her in her casual editorials with just jeans and a jacket but i guess its because its daria herself.
obviously daria does not live in botswana with the elephants...
we'll see - your opinions?


  1. the video is no longer available :(

  2. probably a copyright infringment - i think youtube had to take it off.
    but dont worry it didnt feature daria too much - mostly just mariacarla
    and the preview pic from the video is on the blog :)