Monday, March 31, 2008

Tsum Ad Campaign: New Picture

Quick Post There are new additions to the TSUM ad campaign that Daria posed for this year. The other two sets have been posted here here and here. Check back later on for a review of Daria's latest editorial In Love and some of my favourite editorials.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Daria ... Bond Girl?

We've heard her say that she'd be a sailing instructor, then an artist and now... an actress? As you may know, or if you don't, Daria has produced a film but that's all that's known about her endeavors into Hollywood. Now, the hot topic of discussion is whether or not Daria would be a great actress, and what category she would fall into. In the April 2008 issue of FASHION magazine it was written that she'd like to go into acting after she completes her stint as a model. The question to me is would Daria be better as an indie darling, or a blockbuster Hollywood star?
I'm rooting for the Bond girl route. Don't you think Daria would be the perfect model for the role? After all, we have had Grace Jones as a Bond girl. And know theres relatively unknown Olga Kurylenko starring in the 22nd movie... See Daria might be good for the role because:
  1. She looks great in a bikini
  2. She looks great in a dress
  3. Most importantly she has that kind of mysterious beauty and sexuality that all Bond girls are known for. She's not the typical beauty and everything about her is so easy

I think it would be the type of role where it isn't a big sellout. Daria is not extremely well known in main stream media, apart from her Lancome ads so it would be interesting to see how she would be portrayed. For some reasons, Bond girls strike me as independent, even though they all are damsels in distress. It would be very interesting....

But this is all just musings and speculations. Who really knows other then Daria herself - and I'm not even sure she knows! What do you think? How would you like to see Daria outside of modelling, in what roles - and what she could do if not acting?

Friday, March 28, 2008

If Daria Were a Bounty Hunter

Got Jesus? One of my favourite and funniest Daria editorials has to be the Dog the Bounty Hunter editorial from Vogue Paris (November 'o7). I've watched the show occasionally and let's just say that Dog and his wife Linda are the definition of white trash (in the nicese possible way).They are straightforward, funny and do what they like, all with please and thank you. Plus doesn't Daria look so badass in her leather jacket? I am forever indebted to Carine Roitfeld for producing such a great editorial.

P.S. Ignore the constantly changing header on the blog... I'm still trying to figure out how I should make the layout and I'm getting quite frustrated. So if you see any changes during the week - now you know why :)

P.P.S Does anyone have any Daria pictures they'd like to suggest for the header?

Duane 'Dog' Chapman
Vogue Paris November 2007
Daria Werbowy by Bruce Weber

HQ scans thanks to rita-bmw at tFS

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Little Birdie Told Me # 1

According to the Canadian Post....
Prolific poser Daria Werbowy hasn't lost her urge for the winter-time-sporting she grew up with in Canada. Recently, the Vogue girl landed in Utah to go heli-skiing
Hmm, maybe her recent photoshoot with Shaun White inspired her to hit the snowslopes! I wonder if he gave her any tips?!

Daria will be leaving behind the photoshoot sets to hit the slopes.

Elle Belgium April 2008 : Daria Werbowy by Lalo Gonzalez

A very happy looking Daria on the cover of Elle Belgium. From the font I could manage to read on the front, there doesn't seem to be an indication of a feature with Daria but I doubt they would put her on the cover without some text (or maybe new pictures!)
If there is something on her she must be talking about her work for Lancome - from the picture itself it looks like it was taken when she was in Belgium a few months back.
Although I do love Daria in crazy editorials I prefer the natural laid-back Daria more. Hmm, maybe that's her faithful Miu Miu jacket on the cover...?
Also some backstage pictures of Daria and Gisele were posted at tFs, and they were too adorable not to post here!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Pepe Jeans

A Behind the scenes look at Daria's work on the Pepe Jeans campaign. It is always great to see the candids behind the shooting of campaigns or editorials, as the finished product is only a small percentage of the work that goes into editorials, what with hairstylists, set designers and makeup artists, to name just a few elements. If you're interested in reading the full article click here.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vogue Paris April 2008 : Dans Le Vent by Inez and Vinoodh

Quick post to let you know that Daria has an editorial in Vogue Paris April 2008, the 'Top Models' issue. The photographers are Inez and Vinoodh but no images have been released yet. I'll keep you updated!

Update - The full editorial was posted at tFs. It really reminds me of Natasha Poly's editorial from Vogue Paris' 2007 March issue (Soleil de Minuit) with the ocean background and bright styling. There are some beautiful pictures to be seen in this editorial, particularly the first image in the red dress below. Do you have a favourite shot?

Dans le Vent 
Daria Werbowy by Inez and Vinoodh
Vogue Paris March 2008


source: aliensexfiend at tFS

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daria and Andres "In Love" : Vogue Hommes Spring Summer 2008

Quoted from Vogue
When the most beautiful couple in the world, Daria and Andres, are alone on an island ...
... then what else should we get than an editorial? The Vogue Hommes pictures are here and, well, I guess we can confirm that Daria is fully nude. I always feel quite weird commenting on nude editorials like this but the obvious has to be said. This is stunning. Daria and Andres play the cast aways on a beach who manage to lose their clothes and have an amazing photographer on hand. To me it is more like acting than it is modeling. Both Daria and Andres have the obvious passion and sensuality needed. Yeah... erm ... Enough said - I love it.

It's not yet known if these are the only pictures from the editorial but I made screencaps from the video on Vogue Hommes. PS - I can't help but stare at the guy ...

Update The full editorial has been posted at the fashion spot and I still haven't changed my mind. I do love it. I think Andres does a great job on his part and so does Daria. Since it was Vogue Hommes Daria is used more as an additive or accessory which is understandable because it is a men's magazine. I don't really have the whole nude is bad connotations around this - it is a beautifully shot and modeled editorials, and that's all.

In Love
Vogue Hommes International Spring Summer 2008
Daria Werbowy and Andres Velencoso by Inez and Vinoodh


Vogue US April 2008: The Shape Issue: "Free Fall"

Well here it is. The Shape Issue, Anna Wintour's take on all sizes with athletes and supermodels (and her love for Caroline Trentini :rolleyes:) Content wise - one of the best issues I've every seen. Daria editorial wise - not one of the best editorials I've ever seen. Sure... she's stunning. But that's about it.
It's not the greatest art direction and easily forgettable. I however, I do find it very funny. Seeing Shaun White off of snow and his skate board, posing next to Daria in a woman's fashion magazine makes me giggle. And oh that hair! (scans thanks to Faith Akiyama at tFS)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vogue Hommes Spring Summer 2008

Quick news and I'm off to my papers! Daria has a new editorial in Vogue Hommes SS08 along with Andrés Segura. It's styled by Emmanuelle Alt, and shot by Inez & Vinoodh! According to deiselmax at tFS it's very dreamy - black and white shots of Daria (who is fully naked) and Andres on the beach.The editorial is called "In Love". Scans as soon as possible!
{ Pssst... it's the erotic issue ... }

That isn't the ed above by the way - just pictures of them both to see what it might look like

Monday, March 17, 2008

David Yurman SS08

Quick post, then I'm off to bed. The David Yurman spring campaign thanks to jssy4eva at tFS. Not liking the fedora - Kevin Federline is what comes to mind ....


Thanks to stunt_girl at tFS we have a whole gallery of candids of Daria from her appearances at the Met to her walking around with Josh (Hartnett of course). I love candids of Daria because I feel that she is more her natural self - no makeup, odd poses... Plus - she has such enviable style
Link to the gallery here

Also, If anyone has requests for any Daria pictures from events, magazines or photoshoots let me know in the comments and I'll post them!

Yo Dona

Is it You Donate? Well at least I know Google Translate doesn't work always work ... or is it really the name of the magazine? Any Spanish speakers out there who would help translate the name of this magazine?

Anyways! Daria is on the cover of Yo Dona, a Spanish women's fashion and lifestyle magazine. Daria's face is a little off on this cover but I doubt it's her fault. Photoshop can be an evil evil thing.

The website gives us a little hint of whats inside, also roughly translated by Google: "Daria Werbowy, the model of 24 years that already has paraded for all the large firms, has designed a collection of makeup for Lancôme with supportive end."

Interesting news! I'd like to learn more of this makeup collection Daria is designing for Lancome. If it is true, then I can safely say that Lancome is strengthening its relationship with Daria as their spokesperson.

Update Yo Dona translates to "I Woman" - thanks inaki!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lancome Hypnose Homme

I hadn't posted on the Lancome Hypnose Homme video because it had been made prior to the start of my blog for Daria. Now, thanks to the Fashion Spot we have images of Daria taken during the shooting and they are quite stunning. I'm glad the campaign did not use such a gratuitous amount of photoshop like they usually do in the printed campaigns. Daria guest stars in the ad along with Clive Owen, the face of Lancome Hypnose Homme.

The Video

Behind the Scenes