Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elle Belgium April 2008 : Daria Werbowy by Lalo Gonzalez

A very happy looking Daria on the cover of Elle Belgium. From the font I could manage to read on the front, there doesn't seem to be an indication of a feature with Daria but I doubt they would put her on the cover without some text (or maybe new pictures!)
If there is something on her she must be talking about her work for Lancome - from the picture itself it looks like it was taken when she was in Belgium a few months back.
Although I do love Daria in crazy editorials I prefer the natural laid-back Daria more. Hmm, maybe that's her faithful Miu Miu jacket on the cover...?
Also some backstage pictures of Daria and Gisele were posted at tFs, and they were too adorable not to post here!

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    It should not be legal to take pictures of Giselle and Daria together... it makes me go... nuts. Really, wow, bravo, oh dear