Thursday, March 6, 2008

PHOTO France March 2009

Daria is on the cover of Photo magazine, a French magazine with a focus on photography, with a picture that was featured in Visionaire 52. We never ended up seeing the scanned images of Visionaire 52, so here is the image in HQ. Shot by Mert & Marcus, the photo is visually stunning. Seems like Daria is giving Lara Stone a run for her money...


  1. what's for men? the m&m book? i found it very gaysh actually. it was a project by marc jacobs too. even this pic of daria: i don't find it heterosexy at all, i find it rather gaysh. that must why i like it.

  2. She's got me jumping up and down every time she comes on TV, but this! This is brilliant, bare perfection and beauty!