Monday, March 17, 2008

David Yurman SS08

Quick post, then I'm off to bed. The David Yurman spring campaign thanks to jssy4eva at tFS. Not liking the fedora - Kevin Federline is what comes to mind ....


  1. bah how can you compare daria to kfed?
    she looks stunning here.

  2. Im not comparing daria to kfed at all...
    if you read closely im talking about the hat :)

  3. no i know, i get it, the hat is like those worn by kfed, but the point is that daria is so spectacular she negates any resemblance/similarities, even if it is just a hat.

    great image though, i really do love it.

  4. i see what you mean :)
    daria does make the hat work
    thanks for coming to the blog!

  5. thank you! that means a lot :)