Friday, March 29, 2013

Vogue Espana News

Some good news for Spanish fans! Daria has work coming up in an issue of Vogue Espana, probably the May 2013 issue. I don't think VE intended this video to be released so early but nonetheless its a sneak peak of an editorial (and hopefully a cover!).

It was shot by Patrick  Demarchelier in St Barths. That seems to be the go-to spot for most of Daria's work! The preview reminds me a lot of Daria's work with Satoshi Saikusa and Derek Kettela in 2011, when we got a ton of beach inspired editorials. You can see all of those in the editorial page which is now ... COMPLETE! Yep, definitely took a while but now you can find the biggest collection of Daria's editorial work there. And hopefully we can add this editorial to the 2013 section!

Some screencaps from the video:
*image removed per request*

Have a great Good Friday for those who are celebrating and happy Friday to everyone else!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pondering Femininity - Daria by Cass Bird

I can finally make new posts! Hurray for having an update newer than August 2012 haha! The OnSugar people were very quick to help (thank you!) so now posts can resume normally and hopefully we'll get the discussion and comments we had before.

In Daria related news, Cass Bird has uploaded two more pictures to her Instagram account and one of the photos (black and white, below) looks like the setup for a new photoshoot! Hopefully we get to see more work like this because it is quite beautiful!

And another candid below. Happy Thursday everyone!

source: Cass Bird instagram