Friday, March 29, 2013

Vogue Espana News

Some good news for Spanish fans! Daria has work coming up in an issue of Vogue Espana, probably the May 2013 issue. I don't think VE intended this video to be released so early but nonetheless its a sneak peak of an editorial (and hopefully a cover!).

It was shot by Patrick  Demarchelier in St Barths. That seems to be the go-to spot for most of Daria's work! The preview reminds me a lot of Daria's work with Satoshi Saikusa and Derek Kettela in 2011, when we got a ton of beach inspired editorials. You can see all of those in the editorial page which is now ... COMPLETE! Yep, definitely took a while but now you can find the biggest collection of Daria's editorial work there. And hopefully we can add this editorial to the 2013 section!

Some screencaps from the video:
*image removed per request*

Have a great Good Friday for those who are celebrating and happy Friday to everyone else!

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