Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Daria Effect

It looks like we didn't need to wait long for Daria's latest feature in October's issue of Glamour, as the great tigerrouge from tFS managed to snap a few pictures of her interview and accompanying shots. I know it might be early to say, but I think that this is hands down my favourite photo shoot of 2009. Daria has shot some beautiful work with Canadian photographer Derek Kettela (see here and here) and I think he is one of the few photographers that manages to capture her at her most natural, stripped of the usual heavy makeup and odd styling of other magazines.

Also, tigerrouge typed out the interview inside the magazine, so in case any readers out there can not get a hold of Glamour UK October 2009, here is the text:
She’s the impossibly beautiful face of Lancome, with a cool attitude and a body to die for. Daria Werbowy might just be your quintessential supermodel - but don’t ask her to wear a bikini, says Alessandra Steinherr.
It’s mid-afternoon on a sunny beach in Montauk, just outside New York. Daria is lying in a hammock while her make-up is being refreshed in between shots. “With all the technology and retouching,” she says, “sometimes I see pictures of myself in magazines and think, ‘Ooh, I look quite good there,’ and then realise I don’t look like that at all in reality.” The truth is, in reality, she is just that stop-in-your-tracks drop-dead gorgeous and her bare-faced beauty is remarkable.
At 25 years old, she is already known by her first name only. And while she doesn’t really do runway shows any more, she graces countless magazine covers and editorials (fashion bible Paris Vogue put her on their cover twice this year), heads up major fashion campaigns and is on billboards worldwide representing beauty powerhouse Lancome.
On our shoot she flicks through the clothes-rails like a stylist, stopping at the bikinis and saying, “Good luck with getting me into those,” and dismissing a strapless bathing suit as not being “right for my shape”. I am not quite sure what she means as clearly her body is pretty near perfect.
A day at the beach with a statuesque goddess sounds like any woman’s worst nightmare - but Daria is so unaffected that you can’t help but relax. And while she owes her looks to good genes, her healthy attitude and low-key-but-effective beauty and body routine is definitely achievable by all.
Interview continued below ...

BODY by Daria
“I am 25 now and I definitely noticed my body changing. I accept it and at the same time I realise it’s a lot of work to stay in shape.” And here’s how she does it…
Work your body… “My goal for this summer is to get back into training. At one point I went through a phase of going to the gym every day. With my trainer, Keyson, we do exercises on the ball for balance and use elasticated bands for resistance work, and he makes me run in-between sets to keep my heart-rate up.”
…but don’t obsess. “A lawyer goes to law-school to learn their trade and as a model it’s part of my job to stay healthy and take care of myself. It’s a luxury to be able to eat right and exercise. But it’s also hard to be 100% focused all the time. I have weaknesses too - I love ice cream. I really love ice cream.”
Cook your own meals. “I have always eaten healthily. I grew up on home-cooked meals. I cook a lot at home - that way you know what you are eating. Right now I’m into lots of raw salads and vegan food.”
Look after the skin on your body. “I use Absolue Body [Lancôme] religiously, I usually don’t stick to products but I’ve stuck to this - it keeps my skin supple and in good condition.”
Hopefully, I'll have the scans of the article ASAP!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

UK Glamour October 2009

I've yet to see who's on the cover of the October issue of Glamour UK but according to tFS Daria has an "8 pg beauty article" in the newest issue, as well as an interview!

Snaps should be available soon, but for now, enjoy this new Lancome promotional image by Tom Munro - perfect theme considering the latest news!

SI Style : The Full Interview

A while back Daria was on the cover of SI Style (see cover here) and I just recently got a hold of her interview inside. Credit goes to the Darialogist - thanks for the snaps! There is a translated interview below.

"When God created the world he must have listened to Beethoven's "Ode of Joy". He probably wanted to make a present to himself and the world: Daria Werbowy, 25, is from head to toe perfect execution. Designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada or Matthew Williamson adore the 5'11 tall beauty because of her mysterious charisma. Cosmetic companies like Lancoôme advertise with her flawless complexion. The international topmodel earns 4,8 million francs a year. SI Style met a charming down-to-earth woman at the exclusive interview: Dressed in Balmain, a bottle of bear in her left and a cigarette in the right, chatting about guilt and chocolate."

We brought you Swiss chocolate. Hopefully you are allowed to eat it!?

How sweet of you! Your country is famous for chocolate, right? Sure I will eat it! I principally do whatever I want and nobody can make rules for me.

Do you have to diet?

No, never had to. I appreciate healthy food - although sometimes I go to McDonal's to get a burger there.

You were born in Poland, your parents come from Ukraine, you grew up in Canda and live in New York: Where to you feel home?
I don't have a home. I'm a modern gypsy. There are so many different cultures in me that I will forever be a traveller.

Marie Claire United Arab Emirates

Radolgc at tFS was kind enough to post these snaps of an article in Marie Claire United Arab Emirates. Daria was on the cover, as well as being featured in an interview inside, so if any readers out there can read Arabic a translation would be great!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Through the Looking Glass

"There are mirrors at shoots, mirrors backstage at the shows, and a mirror just before you walk on the runway. It's too much. The first time I ever cried on-set was when I was surrounded by mirrors for six hours. It was torture. I don't think anyone could endure that."
- Daria Werbowy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fashion's Night Out PSA

Imagine my surprise when I see Daria on a local entertaintment news show! I was flipping through channels when I came across a Fashions Night Out PSA airing on E!. In the group of people promoting the event, there was a tall scruffy model .... Who else could it be but Daria? 

Daria is one of the many celebrities, models and designers promoting FNO in a public service announcement, which can be seen on the event's website here. Just keep your eyes peeled for the tall boyish model! Also, not much news on the editorial front - all of the September magazines have been released and Daria's only editorial is in Vogue US. Hopefully October will be a more fruitful month!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vogue US September 2009 : Tonights The Night

In relation to the Sunglass Hut post, where attendees of the annual Fashion's Night Out event can meet Daria and pose for pictures, the editorial in Vogue US' September issue is actually one shot of all participating models in FNO. Daria was shot in a huge group of gorgeous girls, but I still find her to stand out - it helps that she's standing with her body facing to the camera! And her look is very Daria - I wonder if the models got to style their outfits?

Tonights The Night
Vogue US September 2009
Patrick Demarchelier

source : scanned by MissMagAddict at tFS

Say Cheese With Daria ...

Fashion's Night Out is an annual event now in its second year where models, designers, photographers and the big guns of the fashion world team up to "promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion". Which basically means its a huge shopping event where people spend, spend, spend.

If you happen to be in New York on September 10th, then you have the chance to meet Daria! Vogue's Sunglass Hut is having a meet and greet with Daria in a "interactive photo station where consumers can take snapshots with Daria while trying on sunglasses". You can view the rest of the details here.

And for more on Vogue Eyewear, they've updated their site, where they include a cheesy but cute "Daria's Diary" section, along with a new behind the scenes video, and pictures.

P.S. If any Daria Files readers go to the event, I'd love to see the pictures!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vogue US September 2009 Preview

Daria by Demarchelier in Vogue UK
Daria has an editorial in the Vogue US September 2009 issue along with a myriad of well known models. From the title, it sounds like a party/latenight editorial, but those are usually shot by Mario Testino. I'm looking forward to seeing Demarchelier's take on such a large group of models.

Tonight's The Night
Photographed by : Patrick Demarchelier
Styling : Tonne Goodman
Models : Liya Kebede, Jourdan Dunn, Sasha Pivovarova, Caroline Trentini, Lily Donaldson, Daria Werbowy, Anna Jagodzinska, Isabeli Fontana, Coco Rocha, Raquel Zimmermann, Natasha Poly & Karlie Kloss

Flare September 2009 | Canada's Most Beautiful

In celebration of Flare magazines 30th anniversary, the Canadian magazine has decided to place Daria Werbowy on not one but three covers for their collectors issue. Coming back from vacation and seeing this cover I wasn't surprised that Flare picked Daria as their covergirl - they've had a longstanding history of collaborations.

Flare Canada September 2009 : Daria Werbowy
And they didn't let down this time, as they have shot one of the best editorials to come from 2009 (and one of the best covers). Daria was shot in rough and tough leather and the Flare editorial team really played up her personal style, as opposed to giving her a character to work with. The bunny cover is my favourite as well. You can read the full interview here.

Lancome Declaring Indigo Fall 2009 | The Movie

The Declaring Indigo collection from Lancome was launched a couple of weeks ago - in this video Lancome's artistic director Aaron de Mey talks of his inspirations (I would have never thought this collection was inspired by the French Revolution!) and there is some footage of Daria filming and in between takes. If you'd like to see some more images from the collection I've added a few new shots to an old post here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Marie Claire France August 2009 | Vanity Star

Thanks to the helpful darialogist, we also have a scan of Daria's interview in Marie Claire France August 2009. I've skimmed over the interview and there is nothing new, but if someone would like a translation, just comment and let me know.

Marie Claire France August 2009
At what age did you find your style?
At twelve years, I came up with my personal style with grunge clothing or military pieces dug out from vintage stores like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. I still have this ‘look’ on the days when I don’t work.

What beauty tips did your mother give you?
She is incredibly beautiful and very natural. Like her grandmother, she cleansed her face with a cotton ball soaked in the juice of a lemon. I’ve adopted the same ritual, sometimes adding a couple grains of sugar for exfoliation. It’s very effective, but you have to moisturize your skin after.

What is the best trick that a beauty expert let you in on?
To put kohl (eyeliner) on the inside of the eye for a mysterious look, and to sculpt the contours of my face with bronzer.

How do you make your face every day?
I use my makeup sparingly, in a ‘nude’ sense. Some mascara, a bit of brown on the eyes, and some bronzer.

What are your worst beauty habits?
I drink and I smoke, and those are truly the worst vices!

Your secret after a sleepless night?
Have a drink … I’m joking! I apply Lancomes Secret de Vie Yeux treatment, and I take an Alka-Seltzer.

Two hours devoted to your beauty – what would you do?
Sleep! I’d rather do that the whole day, not out of necessity or need, but simply because I love it.

What do you do to maintain your form?
I have a healthy enough relationship with food, it’s just a question of good health. I try to eat organic, and only when I am hungry. Concerning fitness, I don’t go often to the gym, but I do snowboard and I grant myself a deep massage once monthly at a spa.

The scent that best represents you?
I like subtle scents: I spray the perfume in front of myself and then slip into the cloud and then I add a couple of drops in the hollows of my wrists. I’ve adopted with pleasure Lancomes Hypnose Senses, a floral perfume with a spicy facet to it, because of its ultra sensual and feminine feel and because it is never overwhelming

Your bedside cream (night cream)?
Lancomes Le Soin Renergie Night for some nights. On the other hand, I never forget to moisturize my skin every morning with Lancomes Aqua Fusion, which I mix with a couple drops of Dr. Hauschka’s Normalizing Day Oil. Its my way of making up for the fact that I don’t drink enough water.

What is the best definition of beauty?
It’s a question of being comfortable in your own skin and the freedom to think. I’m better able to name a few women, like Cate Blanchett, an actress, or my mother, a teacher.

Translated by me

One Night With Daria

It seems that all you need to do to spend one night with Daria Werbowy is buy the July 10th issue of Elle France. She gives another interview, and this time strays away from the omnipresent lemon tip ... I think ... I'm too tired to read the whole thing.
Elle France July 10th 2009
I live in a loft in the Lower East Side of New York with my companion, Kenny, and my cat. I spend my evenings with my friends. Some are musicians, photographers, and models. I like it when they randomly show up at the house. At 9 o'clock, usually, everyone crowds in front of my specialty: a crunchy roasted chicken and cooked by my great one "english stove", a state-of-the-art range. This is the only thing that is really modern at my place. The remainder of my house is very old. 
I am kind to all guard: I have again my crumple high school (?). One listens Neil Young and Cat Power, one plays the guitar, one does on the part of poker. The first time that I bet, I all swiped! At 11 o'clock, if they decide to go out to party, I do not take three hours to get ready. I would have too the impression slave over (?). I slip on a tank top or a James Perce t-shirt, a jean skirt, a Perfecto and my Spartan ones. I leave my hair down, I put a little eye-liner on, some red lipstick, that’s all! Next, we have an evening beer at the bar Warren 77, or TriBeCa, or we have a more intimate evening at Bacaro, an Italian restaurant on Division Street. A candlelit dinner in a medieval crypt, mood catacombs… me, that gives me shivers. 
But the craziest night was in Ireland last winter. My best girlfriend lives over there. We rode bikes to different pubs. At the end of the night, I was so drunk that I fell. The rain fell like buckets. Once it was dawn, we were soaked, with mud up to our ears. I was not very proud. Around 2 o'clock, I have only a short time to sleep. The sleepless nights because of the jet-lag, the difficult awakenings in rotten locations has tens of girls apprenties models overexcited, I already gave (?). 
I was 14 years old when I signed my first contract with IMG New York. I went to castings in Paris, London and Milan with my book under my arm. I walked thirty runways a season, I slept three hours at night. I dozed on the floor backstage or I collapsed, huddled on an airplane seat. Fortunately, Marc Jacobs spotted me and, in 2003, I was chosen to be the model of the Prada campaign. That was the trigger. That and the cover of Italian Vogue. Today, at 25 years old, they mother me more, I get to choose now. I do less runways, I do more of shootings for the press or for advertisings. 
I read, I go to the movies, I sail a lot. Last summer, I did the crossing New-York-Barcelone, with stops, in fifteen days. I dream of sailing the world by myself. The problem is that, once I go to bed, I do not stop thinking. I am borderline insomniac. I have tried everything, even taking red, green, blue pills… suddenly, I sit down in front of a re-run of "Dr House" or I devour stories of vampires like "Twilight", by Stephenie Meyer. I like what is a little "scary". The idea came to me to take advantage of my sleepless nights to leave by car, in the early morning, in the direction of Toronto. I am able to drive eight hours to see my family. 
I was born to Krakow, in Poland. My four grandparents live over there and I return often, but my country is Canada. This is where I grew up, where I did my studies. I remember myself again at 4 years old, on the tarmac of the airport of Toronto, squeezing in my arms my father for the first time. He had left Poland before my birth to look for work. With my sister, Oksana, and my brother, Orest, we sail on the lake Ontario, we skis until they throw us outside when the tracks close at 9 o'clock. One squabbles oneself as kids and, there, I am said that my childhood is not so far(?).

Elle Germany August 2009

It seems that with the release of Lancomes Hypnose Senses, there have been quite a few interviews popping up. Nothing new, just a few beauty tips and the same pictures shot by Tom Munro. If you can read German, then voila!

Die Neue Sexiness (The New Sexiness)
Elle Germany August 2009
Daria Werbowy by Tom Munro

source: scanned by iluvjeisa at tFS

Vogue Paris August 2009

I managed to pick up a copy of the August issue of Vogue Paris on vacation - in Paris of all places, imagine that! - and was surprised to see that it wasn't an issue dedicated to Daria as we had hoped. Instead, Daria got the cover and was in a lengthy designer portfolio, all photographed by Inez and Vinoodh.

Although an issue solely dedicated to Daria would have been so great to see, I'm not too dissapointed as this issue produced some beautiful pictures. I can't decide which I like more, but it's amazing to see how Daria perfectly embodies each look.

ADN de la Mode by Inez and Vinoodh
Vogue Paris August 2009

Stella UK : Who's That Girl

I just got back from vacation (it was amazing) and I will start updating the site right away! For now, I'll just post updates from oldest to newest in seperate posts. Fortunately I have a lot to sift through!

First off is Daria's interview in Stella UK, a fashion supplement that comes with the British Sunday Telegraph. It was photographed by Tom Munro in what looks to be a promotional shoot for Lancome. It's always nice to see a fashion magazine interviewing Daria as she always has interesting things to say. Daria also appeared on the cover of the supplement.

Who's That Girl?
Stella Magazine (Daily Telegraph July 5 2009)
Ph by Tom Munro