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SI Style : The Full Interview

A while back Daria was on the cover of SI Style (see cover here) and I just recently got a hold of her interview inside. Credit goes to the Darialogist - thanks for the snaps! There is a translated interview below.

"When God created the world he must have listened to Beethoven's "Ode of Joy". He probably wanted to make a present to himself and the world: Daria Werbowy, 25, is from head to toe perfect execution. Designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada or Matthew Williamson adore the 5'11 tall beauty because of her mysterious charisma. Cosmetic companies like Lancoôme advertise with her flawless complexion. The international topmodel earns 4,8 million francs a year. SI Style met a charming down-to-earth woman at the exclusive interview: Dressed in Balmain, a bottle of bear in her left and a cigarette in the right, chatting about guilt and chocolate."

We brought you Swiss chocolate. Hopefully you are allowed to eat it!?

How sweet of you! Your country is famous for chocolate, right? Sure I will eat it! I principally do whatever I want and nobody can make rules for me.

Do you have to diet?

No, never had to. I appreciate healthy food - although sometimes I go to McDonal's to get a burger there.

You were born in Poland, your parents come from Ukraine, you grew up in Canda and live in New York: Where to you feel home?
I don't have a home. I'm a modern gypsy. There are so many different cultures in me that I will forever be a traveller.

Where do you live?
In a loft-like apartment in the Lower East Side. I bought it four years ago because of the flair in Manhatten. I arranged it with findings à la bohemian-chic: a mirror, which hung in a bar, a dark red velvet couch, a steering-wheel from a sailing boat, a gramophone. Beautiful are the unplastered walls and the cheminée.

Do you live with your boyfriend?
No. We need our independence and like to meet others to learn from them, so we return to each other more experienced. We've been together for a long time so it works.

Is he jealous of the men who have a crush on you?
No. He knows that it's part of my job. He's an artist himself, he creates knifes and jewellery. He appreciates everything related to art, also fashion photography.

How does the world look like if you're 5'11 and wear high heels?

I privately dispense with high heels - though I love them. I want people to feel comfortable around me. Most people are intimidated by my height. I don't want to emphasize it.

You said a model should not abandon his/her ethics to be successful...
That's true but one can verify and expand his/her imagination. I always try to get to the bottom of what I believe in. I don't belong to a religion. I believe in the individual journey of life of each person. That's why I'm interested in our thinking and how we use it or how we cop out our responsibility.

What's the best about your job?
It offers me the possibility to travel and get to know many people though the speed is too high. It lacks time to digest and understand the experiences. It's both a blessing and a curse.

The curse of identity?

Also. Many people search for something they can relate to emotionally. They fight out a religious war with themselves that makes them susceptible to drugs and something near it.

And what do you fight out with yourself?
I want to find out why I exist on this planet.

You have several tattoos. As a model ...
... even if it would cause a problem: I do whatever I want to do. I have four tattoos and each of them was spontaneous.

Are you still happy receiving compliments about how beautiful you are?

Of course! Although I can hardly believe it. It surprises me all the time.

Is there something about your body that you don't like?

It goes without saying! Good that the beauty of someone is defined by the imperfection. The things that dissatisfy me aren't worth the mention. Everyone has parts he is not content about.

Why is beauty on such demand?
Alas, that has always and everywhere been the case, in Egypt or the natives in Polynesia: Our appearance describes us and it's easier for us to talk about looks than personal qualities.

How do you take care of yourself?

Easy question. A daily routine is hard to maintain while you're travelling. I use a moisturizer, I remove my make up before I go to bed and try out new products. Thanks to Lancôme I am provided with lots of new products.

Are you scared of growing old?

Not at all.

Do you prevent yourself from crinkles?

Did the live in eleven years as a model change you?

It changed me a little bit as I grew with it. Maybe I became humbler and had to get over my ego. When I was twenty I thought I knew everything but I knew nothing. There is so much to learn that one life is not enough.

What plans do you have for the time after modelling?
No idea! I definitely need a new challenge. I'll go sailing and broaden my mind. I'm not thinking about another career yet. I used to put myself under pressure because of that but today I know that destiny takes it course anyway.

Last summer you went on a sailing trip of several weeks with your father, brother and sister ...
Yes, we were a group of seven and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Once we had a calm and carried on the sea. My sister Oksana and I hoist a flag after the seamen tradition which should help us with the wind. And - a hurricane followed! When we got the flag back the hurricane slowed down

Which is your favorite destination?

That's in the ocean, 36° North, 40° West, between two continents.

Your favorite store?

The longer I work in the fashion industry the less I set value of what I'm wearing. The answer was honest! I have to force myself to be honest.

Do you feel guilty sometimes because of the luxury around you?
Definitely but I don't think that I am better than anyone.

What are you doing against that?
I support a profect in Brazil.

Toronto honored you with your own star on the Walk of Fame. How was that?
The star means a lot to me because of my family. My grandparents experienced the second World War. My father's mother was jailed for ten years. To talk about my star with my family made me feel really great.

What do you think when you see your face on magazines?
That's another woman.

And your first cover?
I thought 'that's not what I look like!' (laughs). The business knows so many tricks to make us appear perfect.

The Pirelli calendar 2009 with your pictures were themed "Only Beauty Can Save the World".
I refernce this to the nature. The nature is so beautiful, dangerous and brutal! Just think about the lion - he kills to exist.

Is the world in danger?

We went astray and want to upgrade everything to the maximum. The technology means no advantage to the human. We have to get back to our roots.

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