Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breaking The Waves : Vogue Spain July 2013

For such a declarative title Daria's editorial in the July 2013 issue of Spanish Vogue fails to make as much an impact. This editorial marks Daria's fourth of the year (I know, I know, don't even get me started ... ) and her second in Vogue Spain.

Rompiendo las Olas
Ph. Patrick Demarchelier


I feel like anything to be said about these photos has already been said a dozen times over. Daria has done so many of these beach themed editorials that its getting harder and harder to tell them apart. Despite some beautiful shots in this editorial (like the images against the rock ledges [3, 12]) I've seen them all before. On one hand its exciting to see beautiful new photos in this lacking year, but on the other hand its frustrating to see a model as talented as Daria become reduced to a one trick pony. We know she looks good in a bikini and messy hair but we also know she can defy gender roles with Cass Bird and assume different identities with Inez and Vinoodh. So why relegate her to the beach bum once again? Remember back to the days when Daria on the beach caused a riot? Now the theme is as synonymous with Daria as are eyebrows with Cara Delevigne and yoga with Christy Turlington. Sigh.

But, it is true that you don't appreciate something until its gone, and I'm sure that in the future, when we're being bombarded with studio editorials, I'll be yearning for some sand and sun. For what it aims to be this editorial achieves the frivolity and relaxation that is the beach editorial, and for that I applaud Patrick and Vogue Spain. I also think I might be being too picky and should just be happy our girl has a new editorial for us to enjoy! What do you think? 


Additional shots:

Daria's second editorial in this issue "... Y Entonces Ilego Ella" is more a focus on Daria separate from the model and is accompanied by an article. Hopefully we'll get scans of this feature soon but for now enjoy the digital grabs. The photos are beautiful but also fall in line with the overwrought idea of quite literally exposing the model to get a peak of their personality. Again, its pretty, but its nothing ground-breaking.

Y Entonces llego ella
Ph. Patrick Demarchelier


Also, no Daria in the July issue of American Vogue. I guess we'll be seeing her Mert & Marcus lensed editorial in the August issue. Considering the wait for this cover one month shouldn't be bad. And if not August, an editorial in the September issue is always welcomed!

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Summer Is Here! Vogue Spain July 2013

2013 has been a rough year on the covers front. At this point I would be happy if Daria covered a Sears catalogue but, no fear, as Vogue Spain has come to the rescue! Daria covers the July 2013 issue of Vogue Espana photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.

Vogue Espana July 2013
Daria by Patrick Demarchelier

Daria has two editorials in this issue: "Rompiendo las olas" (Breaking The Waves) by Patrick Demarchelier (15 pages) and "... Y entonces llegó ella" (Along Came Polly) by Patrick Demarchelier (2 pages and an article).

Vogue Spain preview

I'm so excited to see how the editorials turn out but from the cover and preview they both should be very beach inspired. I know I always lament that I'd like to see Daria in other styling and themes, but when the result is so fresh and pretty like this cover then I can't complain.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Glimpse of Isabel Marant

This week has really given adage to the old saying "when it rains, it pours". Fresh off of her just released Salvatore Ferragamo campaign, and amidst rumours of a fall Maiyet and Celine campaign, Daria makes an appearance in the Fall 2013 Isabel Marant campaign.

No word on who the photographer is, and only one image has been released so far. I'll post something much more substantial when we get more images but for now enjoy this barrage of news!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

I Spy ...

Daria's Vogue Espana cover! There's no denying that Daria's eye is peaking out at us in this preview of the cover. The photo is from the Instagram of Belen Antolin, fashion director at Vogue Espana and the stylist of Daria's recent cover shoot with Patrick Demarchelier. I can't wait to see how it turns out but so far, so good!


Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2013 Campaign

Good things come to those who wait! Looks like the recent drought in news was paving the way for this recent influx of work - Daria has landed the Fall 2013 Salvatore Ferragamo campaign, photographed by David Sims.

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2013 by David Sims

Salvatore Ferragamo is a fine clothing company appealing to the upscale 'masses', and they often stick to the same formula when it comes to ad campaigns. Male and female model, most often lounging around in a modern house with a luxurious setting. We've seen it before in Daria's Fall 2011 Salvatore Ferragamo campaign and also in her work with BOSS Hugo Boss.

Albeit for the repetitive factor of this campaign, it is nice to see Daria play the role of a sophisticated women. She plays the beach bum persona so often that its refreshing to see what she looks like cleaned up and with neat hair. Sometimes even the nicest things come in the plainest packages!

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2011 by Mikael Jansson

BOSS Hugo Boss Fall 2011 campaign by Mario Sorrenti

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lancome's "20 Roses" Luminato Exhibit

Celine to the rescue! Daria made her scheduled appearance at the Lancome "Roses By ..." event. She was in Toronto for the opening night of a photo exhibit to be showcased in the Luminato Festival.


There are many things to touch on with this appearance but first ... that rattail. I honestly can't even hate on its reappearance (should it have a name by now?) because Daria so entirely marches to the beat of her own drum. Especially when it comes to her style, and that risk-taking is something I admire. Granted, I don't think we should all follow suit with that hair trend but the Celine suit on the other hand ... she looks amazing in it! Hopefully this outfitting by Celine means Daria will land the Fall 2013 campaign for the brand. I think as she ages and matures she is a perfect fit for their aesthetic. Speaking of campaigns ... stay tuned for an exciting post!

All the photos from the event are below the cut. Thank you so much to posters at bellazon and theFashionSpot forums for all of the pictures collected, and to all of the attendees who took awesome pictures at the event!

Lancome "Roses by ..." exhibit pink carpet:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Maiyet + Lancome Campaigns?

Cass shooting for Maiyet, Daria and Cass

Three Maiyet campaigns in a row and it looks like its going on four! This is just some guessing on my part (with the help of some telling photos) but it seems like Daria has landed the Fall 2013 campaign for Maiyet! Cass Bird was seen shooting for the campaign in one of her recent Instagram photos, and Daria was at the shoot as well.

If this is true, then this Maiyet campaign will be Daria's fourth with the brand! She first landed the Spring 2012 campaign and then the next two after.

In other behind the scenes news Lancome posted a photo of Daria trying out the new Lancome by Lanvin pallette. Alber Elbaz, creative director at Lanvin, has collaborated with Lancome in an exclusive collection. No word yet on whether the candid will lead to anything else but I'd love to see his vision translated to a beauty campaign with Daria! Also, a really cute Lancome by Lanvin video, just 'cause.

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