Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lancome's "20 Roses" Luminato Exhibit

Celine to the rescue! Daria made her scheduled appearance at the Lancome "Roses By ..." event. She was in Toronto for the opening night of a photo exhibit to be showcased in the Luminato Festival.


There are many things to touch on with this appearance but first ... that rattail. I honestly can't even hate on its reappearance (should it have a name by now?) because Daria so entirely marches to the beat of her own drum. Especially when it comes to her style, and that risk-taking is something I admire. Granted, I don't think we should all follow suit with that hair trend but the Celine suit on the other hand ... she looks amazing in it! Hopefully this outfitting by Celine means Daria will land the Fall 2013 campaign for the brand. I think as she ages and matures she is a perfect fit for their aesthetic. Speaking of campaigns ... stay tuned for an exciting post!

All the photos from the event are below the cut. Thank you so much to posters at bellazon and theFashionSpot forums for all of the pictures collected, and to all of the attendees who took awesome pictures at the event!

Lancome "Roses by ..." exhibit pink carpet:

Inside Lancome's "Roses by ..." event

* The man in the pink suit is Elmer Olsen, the agent who discovered Daria!

Instagram candids from the event:

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