Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breaking The Waves : Vogue Spain July 2013

For such a declarative title Daria's editorial in the July 2013 issue of Spanish Vogue fails to make as much an impact. This editorial marks Daria's fourth of the year (I know, I know, don't even get me started ... ) and her second in Vogue Spain.

Rompiendo las Olas
Ph. Patrick Demarchelier


I feel like anything to be said about these photos has already been said a dozen times over. Daria has done so many of these beach themed editorials that its getting harder and harder to tell them apart. Despite some beautiful shots in this editorial (like the images against the rock ledges [3, 12]) I've seen them all before. On one hand its exciting to see beautiful new photos in this lacking year, but on the other hand its frustrating to see a model as talented as Daria become reduced to a one trick pony. We know she looks good in a bikini and messy hair but we also know she can defy gender roles with Cass Bird and assume different identities with Inez and Vinoodh. So why relegate her to the beach bum once again? Remember back to the days when Daria on the beach caused a riot? Now the theme is as synonymous with Daria as are eyebrows with Cara Delevigne and yoga with Christy Turlington. Sigh.

But, it is true that you don't appreciate something until its gone, and I'm sure that in the future, when we're being bombarded with studio editorials, I'll be yearning for some sand and sun. For what it aims to be this editorial achieves the frivolity and relaxation that is the beach editorial, and for that I applaud Patrick and Vogue Spain. I also think I might be being too picky and should just be happy our girl has a new editorial for us to enjoy! What do you think? 


Additional shots:

Daria's second editorial in this issue "... Y Entonces Ilego Ella" is more a focus on Daria separate from the model and is accompanied by an article. Hopefully we'll get scans of this feature soon but for now enjoy the digital grabs. The photos are beautiful but also fall in line with the overwrought idea of quite literally exposing the model to get a peak of their personality. Again, its pretty, but its nothing ground-breaking.

Y Entonces llego ella
Ph. Patrick Demarchelier


Also, no Daria in the July issue of American Vogue. I guess we'll be seeing her Mert & Marcus lensed editorial in the August issue. Considering the wait for this cover one month shouldn't be bad. And if not August, an editorial in the September issue is always welcomed!

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  1. Que bella! Me gustaría comprarla, aunque siempre compro las Vogue Latinoamérica, soy de Venezuela y futura modelo.

    Greetings :)

    1. It's always hard to find either magazine here so fingers crossed that I'll find this one with Daria!

      Greetings from Canada! :)