Monday, July 1, 2013

Frosted Lips and Indian Trips

We've been bombarded with little news snippets lately so here's a quick rundown of the past week or so:

- The general public is finally starting to take note of Daria's brilliant Instagram account. The Wall Street Journal interviewed Daria about her trip to India a few months back. If you'd like to hear about the meaning behind some of those beautiful photos then I suggest you give it a read, its quite interesting!

- It seems like Daria's editorial in Vogue Spain made a bigger impact than expected - Into The Gloss delves into the "frosted lip" debate. My verdict? Let's leave that trend to Daria.

- A poster on the Fashion Spot forums also gave a brief rundown of Daria's interview in the aforementioned Vogue editorial. Nothing new to report other than the fact that Daria will be sailing the Mediterranean this summer. So expect a lot less work than usual for the later half of this year! :(

- Last but not least ... Happy Canada Day!!

Daria by Gregory White

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