Wednesday, July 3, 2013

D + G in Ireland = New Work?

That red hair is unmistakeable - Grace and Daria are back together! Daria paid a trip to her home in West Cork, Ireland and this time she brought along some friends. Grace Coddington, creative director of Vogue, was snapped by Daria in all her bright headed glory.

"The one and only!" -

Hopefully this means a Vogue US editorial in the works, and one that takes full advantage of the beauty of Ireland. If there is to be an editorial out of this visit then I'm hoping for one that showcases Daria at home playing the role of an urban castaway. It looks like these pictures were taken a few days before Daria's appearance at the Lancome event in Paris. Stella Greenspan, one of Grace's assistants, also snapped some photos on location which you can see below. All things point to some new work but if this just turns out to be a meeting between friends then at least we've gotten some pretty candids out of it!


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  1. Daria is one of my top 5 favorite models of all time. I love Christy Turlington too. Constance Jablonski remainds me a little bit to Daria. But Daria has the most beautiful eyes ever. I love your blog!