Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lancome x Lanvin

Paris landing! Daria is in Paris for fashion week, and last night she was at the Lancome Show by Alber Elbaz event, celebrating Lanvin's recent collaboration with Lancome.


If there is a fashion god out there then I swear he has answered our sartorial prayers, because Daria looked absolutely brilliant last night. She wore Spring 2013 Lanvin, fitting for the occasion, and a pop of lip colour. I suppose if its an event for Lancome then a little makeup is required! I love that the omnipresent rattail made an appearance - despite such a high profile event (Catherine Deneuve and Ms Carine Roitfeld were present!) Daria held her own.

I wonder if an appearance in Lanvin will lead to something more? The fashion world is a calculated place and something as simple as a wardrobe choice can signal a job prospect. Lanvin's fall campaign is yet to be released and I haven't heard any rumours about who will be fronting the ads ... but then again, this may just be Daria doing her part as a Lancome ambassador, and pledging fealty to both parties. Coincidentally Steven Meisel is Lanvin's go-to photographer and seeing as how D and Meisel haven't worked together in a while I'm not so sure a campaign is carved in stone.

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