Friday, July 12, 2013

Cover Star : Vogue Paris August 2013

UPDATE A few preview pictures of the editorial have been posted here. I will update with a full post and comments as soon as scans are out!

For her fourth cover of the year Daria appears on the August issue of Vogue Paris, photographed by David Sims, wearing Ralph Lauren, fronting the London issue ... a little all over the place, I know, but we'll dissect that all in a bit.

Vogue Paris August 2013 : Daria by David Sims

I think August is quickly becoming my favourite month. The cover of the August issue of Vogue Paris has become somewhat of a tradition for Daria, and this is her third time on this months issue (August 2008 and August 2009 being her last two). And her eighth VP cover overall! 

General consensus on the internet is that this cover is a flop, from the transatlantic styling (an American designer for a London issue?), the text overload, and even Daria's nose ring! I can agree with a few of those qualms but I have to come to the defence of this cover ... or at least try to understand such an underwhelming effort. 

After being subjected to the text placement travesty that was American Vogue circa 2007 (*deep sigh*) I can't find too much of a fault with the art direction here. A lot of text, yes, but overwhelming, no. I've heard of a few comparisons of this cover to old Esquire magazine covers. Now, if that magazine had some British roots it might have been an ingenious reference. But alas, both American owned and run, so that aspect fails. The jacket, by Ralph Lauren - a symbol of the influence of London outside of London? Or just a monthly quota to fill for American advertisers? As for the nose ring, I like it! Its another testament to the status of Daria in the industry, when taboos like piercings and tattoos, normally airbrushed out of existence, are allowed to remain in the picture. Its not just another model on this cover, its Daria

I don't know if these are so much as redeeming factors than justifications for a subpar cover. London + punk + Daria should have produced something much more striking. And wasn't Anglomania like seven years ago?! But we still have the entire inside of the issue to convince us and if theres another 70+ page editorial inside then I'm sure we'll get a few great shots out of it.

In other cover related news, Freja Beha is on the August issue of Vogue UK. Although I've yet to see two of my favourite models work together, at least they'll be in good company at the new stands. And both sporting big grins nonetheless!

Vogue UK August 2013 : Freja Beha by Patrick Demarchelier

Alt, let's meet again next August?



  1. I completely forgot the August issue always features the really long collection editorial. With her on the cover, I bet she will have a lot inside!

    1. I know right! If she only manages to get one VP cover this year then at least its the August issue haha!