Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mert & Marcus

This is one of my favorite pictures of Daria. I'm not sure which editorial it is from, but it always struck me as her best work.

H&M Revisited

The HQ scans of Daria's work for the H&M catalogue! Thanks marcel!

Then Came the Rain: Vogue Brasil May 2008

Finally something! matheus_s at tFS posted pictures of Daria on the cover of Vogue Brazil with the accompanying editorial, which can be seen here: click
I remember Gui Paganini's last editorial with Daria - he was the one who shot her for her last Vogue Brazil edit and cover (march 07) - remember the girl mechanic? .this looks like an easy editorial, similar to many she's done before. nevertheless i find it quite intriguing. its sort of a rough and feminine Daria - i love how she hits both sides
I'll provide some pictures of scans when they come but for now - the snapshots :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

David Yurman SS08 Video

A quick post with the David Yurman video a while back. Daria in motion is even better than Daria in print! I'll post more later - now it's time for factoring complex trinomials.... woot...
now listening: portishead - only you

Daria Drought

Anxiously awaiting any news on Daria. And not to leave you without a picture, a backstage shot from a few years ago. Does anyone know what show this was from?

Friday, April 25, 2008

H&M Spring Summer 2008

More of Alexi Lubomirski's work for H&M with Daria. They shots are alright to me. Daria looks gorgeous but I'm thinking its too the fact that the makeup is too heavy which is putting me off. It's nothing I'm extremely excited about but it's still pretty, very easy. At least the H&M stores will be prettier this season!

Fun fact - the fashion world is really a small place! Daria has probably worked with Lubomirski before, as they were both at a Lancome event a few years back.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Reader Requests

I'll do this once in a while for readers who request images or info on Daria - to build up an archive. Kiki, in the cbox requested a larger picture of Daria that was on the sidebar.
It's actually one of my favourite pictures of Daria ever. I love her stare - it's so dark and conveys so much. It was shot by Mario Sorrenti from the 2005 August issue of Vogue Paris.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

the goddess

An editorial from Vogue China - I've never seen it before so I thought I should post it here. With the second shot it sort of reminds me of the spread Hello! magazine has with pregnant mothers. I think its just the flowy dress and substandard pose though.
The first shot (to the left) is much better. I think it's the Daria I like the best - relaxed with a nonchalant pose. If you remember it's quite like a shot from Harpers Bazaar a year ago, with Daria leaning against a wall in black shorts and a white printed shirt. I'll try to find the picture if I can
I have a lot to do this weekend - sculptures for art, a paper for philosophy and a comparitive essay for english - fun times! So not too much will be updated layout wise :(

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the two muses: daria and lara for h&m

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The new H&M pictures have come out along with a sneek peek at Daria shooting with Lara in the West-Indies.My favourite has to be the one above. I love Daria's gaze and posture.
I usually don't get too excited over campaigns so I don't have much too say over this than blah, blah, daria is gorgeous which is the usual. Right now I am too busy for posting something with substantial merit
But look to the blog to see major changes. I'm not satisfied at all with the layout. It is much too cold and empty as it stands.

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Behind the Scenes

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Three Muses

Sighhh new work! And shot by Bruce Weber as well! Typically Miami is not the place I associate with high fashion but it seems as if Daria, along with Lara Stone and Kate (do I really need to say her last name?) Moss are shooting an editorial. Perhaps for Vogue Paris as I definetly do not see Anna Wintour using anything but Caroline Trentini and Annie Leibovitz. Hmm, is it a nude Daria again!? Lara's butt naked in the other pictures but there aren't any with Daria other than the red dress.

"Kate Moss (with Daria) is seen here posing for an arty photoshoot with famed fashion photographer Bruce Weber in the gardens of an exclusive Miami Beach hotel. The British model certainly had an eyeful as some of the models in the shoot posed nude alongside her. Moss took time out of a recent holiday with daughter Lila Grace in California to fly to Miami for the one day shoot" - Mavrix Online

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daria for Lancome in Barcelona

Thanks to eword at the Darialogist for the heads up and the pictures! - Daria's in Barcelona busy promoting her new makeup line with Lancome. I wish she'd come back to Canada! Her three-piece makeup collection, including eye-shadow quad, lip gloss, and lipstick, for LancĂ´me comes out this month.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Daria for Dior

According to, Daria's snagged the Dior Fall Winter 2008/09 campaign! Very interesting to see how this will work out. Any time that Daria has walked the Christian Dior runway, she has bordered the line between dramatic and drag queen. The show for the FW 2008 season feautured heavy makeup and outrageous hair, so this can be either very bad or very good. We'll have to wait and see!

Daria walking the Fall Winter 2007 Dior show

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

in contemplation

The editorial that launched a thousand words. Daria's recent editorial from Vogue Hommes has caused one of the biggest discussions over any of her editorials that I've seen. Usually the words being read are "sexy! Daria's so hot!" or the polar opposite "How disappointing, she is being used as a sex object". For me, I think I strike the middle ground. So for this muse, I'll just talk about some perceptions I've heard - and what I think about them

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Sexual Chemistry
A frequent number of people have commented on the fact that the editorial is without emotion and feeling (like Daria and Andres are two, not one). Yet, this editorial to me is full of emotions, not necessarily the typical that you would first think of love. It's almost as if the two are in violent pain because of the love they feel for each other, shown by their distorted bodies. Daria clinging to Andres with helplessness and vulnerability are all emotions that people feel when they are in love. It's seems as if the energy is so strong that it forces Daria to be contorted and handled roughly. All of their poses seem to have some sort of fusion of the body - with all of their shots together they are both clinging to each other, intertwined in some sort of way.

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So, when "no emotion" is stated - I feel that as somewhat of a lie. The other idea would be to do fake smiles and hugs and kisses, but this is not all love is. Love can be an amogaly of emotions, from feelings of being so in love it is like pain

Accessories and the Woman's Role
From a woman's point of view (my own) I can not say that this editorial offends me. Despite the fact that it's been lessened because of the woman's supposed role as an "accessory" you have to take a closer look at the composition's and gazes of both Daria and Andres. One of my favourite photos is the one of Daria and Andres lying down. Daria has that strong sexual look and you notice that she is looking at the camera, almost ignoring Andres, while the male model looks on. In all of the photos together Andres is looking wistfully at Daria, almost worshipping her as much as she to him.

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And in reality - this is fashion. Things aren't meant to be politically correct or appeal to the average reader. I think this photo shoot was more about challenging the reader's mind then it was to appealing them. And consider that this is Vogue Hommes - it's main market is not mainstream but rather the darker side of art. And this was the erotic issue

Why is there such a big complaint over Daria being nude? I've yet to hear mention of the fact that the male model is nude as well... saying that nudity is sexist or degrading is a bit sexist in itself. If anything Daria elevates herself in this editorial because she chooses to show off her body with confidence not embarrasment. Why do people label nudity as such a sin, when it is a part of every person? I'm sure that Daria has the mentality by now to choose work that she would like to do, not that she is forced into. Nudity is not sin, but salvation of it being labeled as the ultimate evil.

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However, maybe overanalyzing this shoot makes it lose some of it's effects. Maybe these pictures are just about being visually stunning, with two gorgeous people at a gorgeous location. These were more musings of mine than they were a critique. To me, this is still a beautiful editorial and one of Daria's best.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Model With the Mostest

Daria is starring in the new SS08 H&M ad campaign! The first picture, from, is of her lying in a hammock. I guess their tactic is working, because I really feel like buying that bikini...

But from this preview I'm not so excited about the campaign. I think the makeup they used is so harsh on Daria - makes her look a lot older than she really is. And not in a good way!

But, I'm thankful. When I started out this blog I though that there wouldn't be much Daria news from recent things I had heard. But now, we have a new campaign to look forward to!