Monday, April 21, 2008

Reader Requests

I'll do this once in a while for readers who request images or info on Daria - to build up an archive. Kiki, in the cbox requested a larger picture of Daria that was on the sidebar.
It's actually one of my favourite pictures of Daria ever. I love her stare - it's so dark and conveys so much. It was shot by Mario Sorrenti from the 2005 August issue of Vogue Paris.



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  2. I know I don't comment very often, but I would die without this blog! :D


  3. ^ aw thank you very much inaki :)
    dont worry its nice to know that you come and visit :D

  4. Big thanks Tinsley! How sweet of you to do this

    <3 Kit (not Kiki lol)

  5. ahah so sorry - kiki is very different from kit :P
    and no problem - if you have anything else just let me know :)