Friday, May 30, 2008

Ticket to Paradise by Patrick Demarchelier

Ticket to Paradise by Patrick Demarchelier in the December 2004 issue of Vogue US. It was the first time I saw Daria in a magazine! You may not know that it also features her older brother Orest Werbowy. And on the plus side it is about the only us vogue editorial that doesn't feature her in a chanel suit with a bouffant.


Just a quick post for a multitude of information that has come up
  • Daria has finished shooting the Dior ads with Craig McDean. Dior is known to be quite outrageous - it is not my style and I don't thing it is Daria's either. In terms of campaigns I think she is more of a Chloe or Stella McCartney girl.
  • Also - Daria has shot an editorial for the July issue of W magazine, where she will be shot in Jeremy Laing clothing. Perhaps it is from the set of candids we saw with Kate Moss and Lara Stone back in April?
  • And Daria is on the cover of Vogue Hellas. It is a reprint from her Vogue Paris editorial in the April issue of this year. You can see the cover here.

Daria at home in her NYC apartment

Sunday, May 25, 2008

daria does her best donald trump impression

waiting for new pictures can get tedious and one needs something to update the blog with. i couldn't help laughing at these when i first saw them and felt a duty to post them to my readers

the quintessential model "i-just-got-out-of-bed-hair"

Monday, May 19, 2008

V #53 : Power House by Mario Testino

Below is the the solo shot from V #53's Power House editorial. You can see the rest of the images in the previous post.

V by Visionaire #53 : Power House by Mario Testino

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Happy 10,000 hits to me :) Thanks for everyone that has come to this blog for Daria and to read my posts :) It`s really nice to know that I don`t ramble for no reason! I hope there are more visitors who continue to read... and thankfully more Daria for us to see (no pun intended - we`ve pretty much seen all of Daria by now)

Friday, May 16, 2008

San Francisco Chronicles

"Daywear takes on a cinematic Hitchhokian polish"... I can think of a better title: Model loses her way to worthwhile Vogue Paris shoot, ends up in the hands of an aging actor where she is forced to take care of his six hundred dogs and wear his mother's clothes.
Doesn't make any sense? It's exactly how I feel about this editorial. It's so bad it makes me laugh. Just... why? What is the need for anything - the dogs, 007, leather gloves, churches, pompadours... it's all a mix of random images that the boring people at US Vogue have tried to compile into an editorial.
The only picture that really salvages anything is the one to the left. The only picture I dared to put on this blog. Imagine the possibilities if that shot was continued on an editorial of it's own. Daria in fifties bikinis on a beach... it would have pleased me more than this lukewarm Hitchcockian attempt. However, the full editorial can be seen here

V #53 : Power House by Mario Testino

Daria is in a new editorial in V #53 magazine along with several of IMG's top girls in an editorial entitled 'Power House'

To put this out as a disclaimer for the rest of the post, I really have no objection to nudity in fashion as long as it's tastefully done. And by tastefully done I mean with a purpose or a story to tell. Boobs for the sake of boobs are, well ... boobs. But nudity in photography has the power to transcend just fashion and make for a beautiful picture.

V #53 Summer 2008 : Power House by Mario Testino
I really like the solo picture of Daria in this editorial but I feel that as a whole this falls flat. The differences between the veteran girls and newcomers is quite obvious in this campaign

There were some lovely shots but then ones like the one at right that kind of defeat the whole purpose. I think editorials like this should be carefully done - some shots are beautiful while others are questionably awkward.

source :

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vogue US June 2008 | San Francisco Chronicles

Daria is starring in an editorial in the new Vogue US with Pierce Brosnan (for those of you who don't know he's James Bond).... Hmm, has Anna been listening to our theories?
Update - Not impressed at all from these pictures - they look like they could date back to her 04-05 years in Vogue. And the dogs along with Pierce's omnipresent gaping mouth don't help out at all.
San Francisco Chronicles
Model: Daria Werbowy + Pierce Brosnan
Photographed by Mario Testino
Seriously.... I'm lost. What does this have to do with anything? The dogs are pointless, the hair is unfortunate, the styling is similar to that of my seventy year old grandma. And then they're running? And she's leaning against a farm fence? Apparently it is a reference to Hitchcockian cinema, but any attempt at this is lost for me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Not So Secret | Daria Werbowy's Apartment

To leave school after one of the most stressful days of my entire educational career, what a nice surprise it was to find this new editorial! Daria is featured in the new issue of Glamour Italy, in a beautiful photoshoot showcasing her NYC apartment.

Maybe it's comes with the age but doesn't this girl constantly surprise you? One minute she's nowhere to be seen, enjoying her privacy and living in seclusion (for a top model at least), only to pop up on occasion at random art galleries. Now with it being 2008, Daria's sixth year in the business, and Daria moving into her 25th year I supppose she's ready to show
more of her intimate self.

Of course we all saw a lot of Daria's intimate self with her Vogue Hommes editorial with Andres Valensco (remember the explosion over that?!) and now she's posing nonchalantly in her bed sheets. Quite demure compared to that recent beach shoot! The best part of this editorial is seeing Daria at work, and not her modeling but her artwork. Daria has mentioned on occasion that she loves to sketch and art is her medium. Fun fact: she even went to an arts oriented highschool!

I can't go long without talking about her style. Ahh, the apartment, the furniture, the clothes, the closet. In short, it's everything I would imagine my New York apartment to be. I think it's articles like this that show us a clear image of the girl who looks so different in her Versace ads and magazine covers - a really normal person ... albeit gorgeous with an awesome million dollar apartment.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Birth of Daria

The new H&M video has just been released and I am in awe. Daria is just as beautiful as Venus, arriving at the seashore. This was shot for the Spring Summer 2008 campaign, which I previously posted about here, here and here.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
There are also some new pictures of the campaign which were posted on the H&M website here
The Video

Monday, May 5, 2008

Vogue Brasil May 2008

So far, the cover count this year is up to three. And the third cover is not bad at all. Daria is quite soft and pretty. The cover is not too exciting but it should be applauded because they're not going for the sexbomb Daria look that sometimes turns out to be too off. It is very dégagé - quite Daria. Thanks to xPedro at tFS, pretty soon I'll post the HQ pictures of the editorial!
I don't have time to post it on the blog but the editorial is here!

I couldn't help laughing at the an H&M billboard in New York featuring Daria... a painted Daria. Some were saying it looks half Liya Kebede. For me it's more of Planet of the Apes. But I have to give the artists credit for trying!