Saturday, May 17, 2008


Happy 10,000 hits to me :) Thanks for everyone that has come to this blog for Daria and to read my posts :) It`s really nice to know that I don`t ramble for no reason! I hope there are more visitors who continue to read... and thankfully more Daria for us to see (no pun intended - we`ve pretty much seen all of Daria by now)


  1. congratulations!
    what's the difference between this counter and the bravenet one below?

  2. thank you eword and saray! :)
    i put the bravenet counter on a while after i put the one at the side so the count is from not too long ago

  3. i think you can reset the bravenet counter. i did it when i started to use it. i didn't start from zero, but from the number of hits i had already got.