Monday, May 5, 2008

Vogue Brasil May 2008

So far, the cover count this year is up to three. And the third cover is not bad at all. Daria is quite soft and pretty. The cover is not too exciting but it should be applauded because they're not going for the sexbomb Daria look that sometimes turns out to be too off. It is very dégagé - quite Daria. Thanks to xPedro at tFS, pretty soon I'll post the HQ pictures of the editorial!
I don't have time to post it on the blog but the editorial is here!

I couldn't help laughing at the an H&M billboard in New York featuring Daria... a painted Daria. Some were saying it looks half Liya Kebede. For me it's more of Planet of the Apes. But I have to give the artists credit for trying!


  1. OMG she is so pretty!!

    and i love her clip with kate moss and anja..

  2. Hahaha, yeah, that Daria billboard looks so ridiculous. Good thing the actual ad itself, looks totally different.
    Only 3 covers -- well, I guess you can't expect much since Daria isn't full-time modeling anymore (correct me if I'm wrong). I think she has reached a point in her modeling career where she just wants to relax and enjoy whatever good job comes her way THAN to run around to castings, networking with designers and praying for more covers. She is one of the highest paid models, after all.