Friday, May 16, 2008

V #53 : Power House by Mario Testino

Daria is in a new editorial in V #53 magazine along with several of IMG's top girls in an editorial entitled 'Power House'

To put this out as a disclaimer for the rest of the post, I really have no objection to nudity in fashion as long as it's tastefully done. And by tastefully done I mean with a purpose or a story to tell. Boobs for the sake of boobs are, well ... boobs. But nudity in photography has the power to transcend just fashion and make for a beautiful picture.

V #53 Summer 2008 : Power House by Mario Testino
I really like the solo picture of Daria in this editorial but I feel that as a whole this falls flat. The differences between the veteran girls and newcomers is quite obvious in this campaign

There were some lovely shots but then ones like the one at right that kind of defeat the whole purpose. I think editorials like this should be carefully done - some shots are beautiful while others are questionably awkward.

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  1. Awww... they so small., I sound like a pervert.

  2. bahahaha dont worry its not too creepy

  3. I'll have to agree with what you said! Aside from being completely biased here, Daria has the best position. The rest of them look a tad awkward.

    Ps. I've loved Daria for three years now and I cannot believe this is my first visit here! *embarrassed* Great job!

  4. ^ agreed! i love the fact that shes not putting it all on display - her pose is perfect

    thank you! i hope you visit again :)