Friday, May 16, 2008

San Francisco Chronicles

"Daywear takes on a cinematic Hitchhokian polish"... I can think of a better title: Model loses her way to worthwhile Vogue Paris shoot, ends up in the hands of an aging actor where she is forced to take care of his six hundred dogs and wear his mother's clothes.
Doesn't make any sense? It's exactly how I feel about this editorial. It's so bad it makes me laugh. Just... why? What is the need for anything - the dogs, 007, leather gloves, churches, pompadours... it's all a mix of random images that the boring people at US Vogue have tried to compile into an editorial.
The only picture that really salvages anything is the one to the left. The only picture I dared to put on this blog. Imagine the possibilities if that shot was continued on an editorial of it's own. Daria in fifties bikinis on a beach... it would have pleased me more than this lukewarm Hitchcockian attempt. However, the full editorial can be seen here


  1. Daria should stop doing those repetitious eds with US Vogue unless there's a promise for a future Vogue cover (which is very unlikely, I know). But again, you can't really say no to Anna or Testino, can you? An opposite example would be Vogue Paris. She has done MANY excellent works with them over the years but I vaguely remember she only had one cover (please correct me if I'm wrong). I know she had quite a few covers with Vogue Italy years back. To be honest, her number of covers aren't that impressive based on her status. Some relatively new models already have VP or Vogue UK covers. Of course, celebrities occupied lots of covers in recent years just as they did in ad campaigns.

    Apparently lots of photographers still love her and book her for jobs. Didn't she have like average one ed per month? It's great for a veteran; at the same time, I'm afraid she's been overexposed, especially for those repetitious eds, which she has no control over.

  2. i highly doubt there will be a vogue us cover in the future - look how much anna uses caroline trentini and she still puts the same old actresses on the cover.

    its the fashion industry though - you have an ed in vogue us and your considered "there" like you hit the top or something.i dont know why considering its the most boring magazine out there in terms of direction and doing anything new

    look at this editorial for example - daria was in such a similar one with jake gyllenhall back in o4.

    she had one vogue paris cover and i think 4-5 vogue italia covers - back when models were used. now its all celebs! :(

    im glad she has a lot of work now but i agree about overexposure. editorials like these are pointless. but in the mainstream i guess her only big projects are lancome. not too many people know her outside the pages of fashion magazines. but really, what would the fashion industry be without her?! :)

  3. I actually love this shoot, since I love hitchcock and thats the feel they were working for. I'm actually doing a shoot this weekend at Fort Point (where the golden gate picture was taken) and this is the inspiration for it. I think if you don't really understand how they are supposed to go together than it could easily come off as a dissapointing shoot, but I really love it, especially since balenciaga was featured heavily and that is my favorite label.

  4. ^ i think it's a more diluted version of hitchcock as the idea is there but it's executed poorly.
    there are only two or three shots that are amazing (and those are of daria alone) but i feel that the rest is a very waspish fifth avenue version of hitchcock
    there should have been more drama

    have fun at golden gate though! san francisco is one of my favourite places :)