Friday, September 25, 2009

Stefanel 50th Anniversary

I was just about to prepare a post on how little we manage to hear news of Daria around this time of year, but there really is no need! Around this time of year, all of the top models are hurrying around the globe during the midst of the many fashion "weeks".

But in Daria's case, she prefers to lay low - it has been three seasons since we have seen Daria on the catwalk (in which she made a rare appearance at Versace FW08). Daria did manage to travel around the globe this time though - Milan, Italy to be exact. Daria attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration for Italian label Stefanel yesterday. There is also more exciting news - Daria will be replacing Gisele Bundchen as the face of Stefanel for their next campaign! I found a post on, where Daria slyly aludes as to why she doesn't do runway anymore as well as hinting on "the next step" of her career.
We arrived at the Stefanel’s 50th Anniversary party hosted by Mario Testino and Daria Werbowy just as the photographer had slipped away to the Prada show. But the sublime model was still in the house and in fine, friendly form. In fact, Werbowy was possibly the most relaxed person amid the crowd of nervous fashion week faces with tight schedules. “I hardly do shows anymore,” she explained. “I’m on to the next step of my career.” But she mused on the biannual month-long, four-city runway frenzy, “It’s a strange life when you are in that scene. Everything is a rush for four very intense weeks of the year and suddenly you get back to your real life, and by comparison it suddenly looks empty.” Hmm…something to think about as we round the bend of week three.

Glamour UK October 2009 | Daria Werbowy by Derek Kettela

By now, if you have been avidly following Daria’s career in the past few years, you would have probably become familiar with the photographer Derek Kettela. Kettela is a New York based photographer who has shot Daria on numerous occasions, mostly for press interviews and magazine features.

This time, he is at it again, and I can say that his ability to capture Daria is at its best. Kettela always manages to produce stunning pictures, but none more beautiful than Daria’s latest feature in Glamour UK October 2009. I love the carefree hippie feeling to this shoot and the use of light is beautiful.

daria werbowy glamour uk october 2009
daria werbowy glamour uk october 2009 2
daria werbowy glamour uk october 2009 3

The above pictures were found on Derek Kettela’s site, and are only three of the six images in the article. Hopefully I can have the pages scanned soon – it always takes a while for foreign magazines to arrive in Canada!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canadian Walk of Fame | The Awards Show

There is finally a video of Daria presenting Canadian designers Dean and Dan Caten with their Walk of Fame award. I told you that the Canadian press is slow on their news! And you can see that Daria is adorably nervous in the video. There is also a quick video of Daria on the red carpet, which can be seen here. I placed subtitles below this video of host Anne Murray describing Daria - the self proclaimed tomboy!

Also, a fun fact. If you remember from last years awards, Daria had trouble finding a dress to suit her cast! This year it looks like she had some wardrobe functions as well! Her airline lost her luggage, and the two DSquared designers had to quickly outfit her for the shows!

"Our first presenter is a self proclaimed tomboy. Although that's a little hard to believe when you consider that Vogue magazine profiled her as one of the leading faces in the return of the supermodel. Please welcome, fashion icon and a member herself of Canada's Walk of Fame, Daria Werbowy!"

A kind reader asked for a translation of Daria's speech, so here is what she said. I don't know how to make subtitles on a video though, so I will just post the transcript. Daria mostly just gave a little background behind the designers rise to recognition
"In fashion its no small feat to captivate an audience, even once. DSquared has managed to consistently do so since 1994. Dan and Dean are designers who don’t rely on changing trends. They evolve from within and they are the ones that the rest follow. In the last fifteen years, Canada’s most famous fashion duo, have built a loyal following around the world. The twins are known for their extravagant runway shows. Their fashions are must haves for some of the biggest stars in the world. Their motto, my favourite, "born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy" and you can bet they'll never forget that first part"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Fifth Time Is a Charm | Vogue Paris October 2009

Apparently, the powers that be at Vogue Paris have quite the obsession with Daria as of late. Kuklina at the fashist forums posted a cryptic message this Tuesday:
Vogue Paris Oct ... Daria again on the cover ? We'll see ...
If kuklina is right, as she usually is, then this will be Daria's third cover of the year, and her fifth altogether! Each cover so far has explored different themes and variations, and I expect the newest one to continue in the tradition. If this rumor does come out to be true I won't complain!

Daria's previous four covers (from left to right: Vogue Paris May 2005, August 2008, May 2009, August 2009)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canadian Walk of Fame

Just a quick post and update to fill in all of those readers who didn't get a chance to see the televised Walk of Fame ceremony. Daria was first to present the awards (thank god - I don't think I could have done with watching two hours of an awards show). It was quite funny, because she reminded me of a shy schoolgirl presenting something in front of her whole school. She was nervous, rushed her speech and stumbled but ultimately it is what made her so charming! Hopefully, there will be a video up soon, but for now, an image of Daria (nervously) making her speech. You can see the other images in the gallery below.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

12th Annual Canadian Walk of Fame

From the Sunglass Hut in Times Square to Yonge Street in Toronto, Daria has been quite busy as of late! Daria attended the 12th Annual Canadian Walk of Fame in Toronto where she presented an award to Dsquared designers Dean and Dan Caten for their achievement in the fashion industry. She looked great - at least she didnt break her foot again! The whole look is very nonchalant and very much Daria - I love her style. I'll try to find as many pictures as possible, but the Canadian press is notoriously slow in posting pictures!

P.S. Are any readers of this site Canadian? Robert Munsch got his star on the Walk of Fame and I thought that was pretty cool - I grew up reading his books!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Canadian Walk of Fame | Take Two

It looks like Daria will be attending Canadas Walk of Fame yet again - and no, she isn't recieving a star for the second time!

Daria is one of the many guests, including Rachelle Lefevre, Paula Patton and Brian Williams, to present awards to a new group of Walk of Fame inductees. Daria will be presenting an award to Dean and Dan Caten (of fashion label Dsquared2) for their work in the fashion industry. Hopefully this year, I might be able to go to the red carpet and take a few pictures, as I missed out on Daria's 2008 visit. This is the good thing of having a Canadian model to admire - she comes back and visits her roots! The awards are tonight so make sure to catch the show on TV!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion's Night Out with Daria

The mecca of models, designers and celebritites that is Fashions Night Out has gone and past. Last night, Daria was at the Sunglass Hut where she posed for pictures with guests. From the pictures in the gallery she looks like such a friendly and personable girl, always laughing. Plus, she has amazing style! Is anyone else in love with her all black combo? I am so jealous of the attendees - FNO looked like so much fun, with all of the events I could never have been able to come up. Did anyone go? Or better yet, did any readers see Daria? There are dozens of pictures and eventually I will keep adding more to the gallery. Daria overload!

Daria Werbowy
Daria Werbowy at the Sunglass Hut for Fashions Night Out
September 10 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lonchamp Fall Winter 2009 : Behind the Scenes Video

Longchamp has finally released its behind the scenes video, of the making of the Longchamp Fall/Winter 2009 campaign with Kate and Daria. Looking back, I was apprehensive of the supposedly odd pairing of Daria and Kate. Both have such different dyamics when considering their modeling resumes.

However, this campaign turned out to be very visually striking, and one of the best of the year. Though the pairing is still not the best, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot's highly stylized images make up for whats lacking in model chemistry. With the large play of chiaroscuro and the reference to the eighties in their images, this campaign was one of the few of the season that made me stop and look in magazines. You can see the video here