Monday, September 8, 2008

Walk of Fame

Finally - my laptop is here! I can now update daily and with all the news as soon as I can - I feel complete again!

Well the Walk of Fame was two nights ago and we can finally see how Daria worked in that horrible cast with an outfit. That dress! And that speech! She looked stunning.

Honestly if I wore a cast like that.... well let's just say she looks better than most people would! I love how Daria doesn't wear a big sparkly gown to such an event, but a simple little black dress. She always stays true to her personal style.

It's so funny to see her at something like this because we all know she isn't fully comfortable with being a high profile model. Did you know that around her agency, IMG models, she is referred to as the "reluctant supermodel". I think she did her best under pressure. Her speech, although quite nervous was very endearing.

And to cement her supermodel status (cough) she's listed as Darla Werbowy and Daria Werbony at all the image sites! You can imagine I had a pretty hard time finding pictures.

Daria Werbowy at the 2008 Canadian Walk of Fame

Her acceptance video was so cute too! She looked quite embarrassed and it was so funny how she swore when she got teary eyed.

Also, before the event and red carpet Daria attended the Toronto International Film Festival E-talk party with Jeannie Beker, host of Fashion Television and fashion editor of Fashion magazine. Is it a coincidence that Emmanuelle Alt wore the MC hammer pants a while back? Daria has said Emmanuelle is her style idol!

Daria with Fashion TV host Jeanne Beker

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  1. what a cutie!

    it's funny to see her walking about. of course there are the model candids, but i feel like i see her in front of the camera all the time rather than being "real"!