Friday, September 5, 2008

Have Feet, Will Travel

Trust Daria to break her foot before her first big red carpet event! Although she regularly walks in five inch heels on every catwalk in the world, it looks like her feet can't handle a sailing trip!

On her three month sailing excursion this summer Daria dropped an engine on her foot and managed to break a bone - but she walked around for three weeks without noticing! Haha, poor girl it's quite a funny story but I hope she gets better soon.

Hopefully she can rock a cast as well as Erin Wasson! We have proof that a clunky black cast can actually look good ... that is if your a six foot tall model. Darias friend Erin broke her foot a few months back (hmm ... coincidence?) and she managed to look cooler than the rest of two able legged population!

Daria also gave an interview to The Star (a Toronto newspaper) about her sailing trip on the Atlantic. It's a great read so check it out!


  1. i'm not so sure daria and erin are still so friends...

  2. who knows.. unless you heard of a fight between them
    im sure they're just busy with all their schedules and are more like backstage/event type of friends :)