Saturday, March 29, 2008

Daria ... Bond Girl?

We've heard her say that she'd be a sailing instructor, then an artist and now... an actress? As you may know, or if you don't, Daria has produced a film but that's all that's known about her endeavors into Hollywood. Now, the hot topic of discussion is whether or not Daria would be a great actress, and what category she would fall into. In the April 2008 issue of FASHION magazine it was written that she'd like to go into acting after she completes her stint as a model. The question to me is would Daria be better as an indie darling, or a blockbuster Hollywood star?
I'm rooting for the Bond girl route. Don't you think Daria would be the perfect model for the role? After all, we have had Grace Jones as a Bond girl. And know theres relatively unknown Olga Kurylenko starring in the 22nd movie... See Daria might be good for the role because:
  1. She looks great in a bikini
  2. She looks great in a dress
  3. Most importantly she has that kind of mysterious beauty and sexuality that all Bond girls are known for. She's not the typical beauty and everything about her is so easy

I think it would be the type of role where it isn't a big sellout. Daria is not extremely well known in main stream media, apart from her Lancome ads so it would be interesting to see how she would be portrayed. For some reasons, Bond girls strike me as independent, even though they all are damsels in distress. It would be very interesting....

But this is all just musings and speculations. Who really knows other then Daria herself - and I'm not even sure she knows! What do you think? How would you like to see Daria outside of modelling, in what roles - and what she could do if not acting?


  1. to be honest the idea of a bond girl doesn't give me any enthusiasm. apart from a few exceptions, in general bond girls have an accessory role, so i prefer it's accessory actresses to play them. :-)
    i'd rather have her as a jamie bond or james bond's ennemy!

    anyway, if she tries acting, i hope she'll have a diffent career. i'm not interessed in her becoming a mainstream sex symbol. neither must she be, i suppose.

  2. oh the james bond enemy would be a great idea! :)

    i would hate for her to be a mainstream sex symbol
    shes very different from that scene so maybe they wouldnt be able to
    anyway its all musings - well see one day!

  3. for some reason i think she should wouldnt be the star casting wise
    shed be a supporting actress but would take center spotlight
    i think she has the charisma needed to act
    you always see her laughing or goofing off backstage
    and your right! she has that mysterious sex appeal and personality that it would be impossible for her to be labeled as just another actress
    great blog. keep up the good work

    karlie from vtf :)

  4. yeah she should actually be the bond enemy girl, daria does look a bit evil if you know what i mean! sasha would do a good job too, plus she has that thick russian accent! but this is a daria blog so..