Monday, March 17, 2008

Yo Dona

Is it You Donate? Well at least I know Google Translate doesn't work always work ... or is it really the name of the magazine? Any Spanish speakers out there who would help translate the name of this magazine?

Anyways! Daria is on the cover of Yo Dona, a Spanish women's fashion and lifestyle magazine. Daria's face is a little off on this cover but I doubt it's her fault. Photoshop can be an evil evil thing.

The website gives us a little hint of whats inside, also roughly translated by Google: "Daria Werbowy, the model of 24 years that already has paraded for all the large firms, has designed a collection of makeup for Lancôme with supportive end."

Interesting news! I'd like to learn more of this makeup collection Daria is designing for Lancome. If it is true, then I can safely say that Lancome is strengthening its relationship with Daria as their spokesperson.

Update Yo Dona translates to "I Woman" - thanks inaki!

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  1. I speak Spanish, actually and I went crazy when that magazine and that cover came with the paper that day! I'd be glad to help.
    Yo dona means I woman, although dona is woman in italian. ;)