Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daria and Andres "In Love" : Vogue Hommes Spring Summer 2008

Quoted from Vogue
When the most beautiful couple in the world, Daria and Andres, are alone on an island ...
... then what else should we get than an editorial? The Vogue Hommes pictures are here and, well, I guess we can confirm that Daria is fully nude. I always feel quite weird commenting on nude editorials like this but the obvious has to be said. This is stunning. Daria and Andres play the cast aways on a beach who manage to lose their clothes and have an amazing photographer on hand. To me it is more like acting than it is modeling. Both Daria and Andres have the obvious passion and sensuality needed. Yeah... erm ... Enough said - I love it.

It's not yet known if these are the only pictures from the editorial but I made screencaps from the video on Vogue Hommes. PS - I can't help but stare at the guy ...

Update The full editorial has been posted at the fashion spot and I still haven't changed my mind. I do love it. I think Andres does a great job on his part and so does Daria. Since it was Vogue Hommes Daria is used more as an additive or accessory which is understandable because it is a men's magazine. I don't really have the whole nude is bad connotations around this - it is a beautifully shot and modeled editorials, and that's all.

In Love
Vogue Hommes International Spring Summer 2008
Daria Werbowy and Andres Velencoso by Inez and Vinoodh



  1. NO ONE is looking at the guy!
    i dont know what to say. it's gorgeous, but it is bc daria is. her breasts are perfect. her face, perfect. but what is this saying besides, daria is a beauty?! i dont know, if we're judging on simplicity and natual beauty, it has my vote. otherwise, she's been used as a prop.

    im torn.
    i need to think about it.

    i cant imagine what eword has to say!

  2. haha i cant help it! i have a weakness for strong jawlines and dark curly hair :blush:

    but your so right she is perfect in this
    i thought about eword right away when i saw this! :P

  3. er, could you explain to me how you can find this hairy boiled fish sexy?
    but honestly... who even sees the guy?!?! is there a guy in those pics? is there a 2nd person?! :lol: :-p

    what does 'used as a prop' mean?

  4. used as a prop, meaning, used as an object for a purpose, an inanimate object that doesnt convey much other than appearance.
    if these images are supposed to evoke some chemistry between the two, or tell a story, it fails, and leaves daria as nothing more than a prop (ie naked body that cant connect to this man).
    maybe its the other way around, but because this is a men's magazine, i'm going to be traditional and say they are using daria, not the "boiled fish" (which makes me laugh!) im going to post this on your page too, eword.
    does it make any sense?

  5. thanks for the definition claudia

    oh come on guys dont be mean ;P its the straight girl in me! and hes not that bad eword :P
    and maybe i used the wrong word - i glance at the guy but daria still steals my attention

  6. ^it's cool that you like andres, no need to apologize :) by the way, great blog, you're a fabulous hostess!
    in regular fashion eds, guys have been used as "props" (as defined above by the poster) all the time when female models are the foci. from a different angle, you could say in this vogue homme ed, daria "guest-stars" in a supporting role, along with the protagonist andre, to give the ed some spice. it could be done tastefully or turned into sleaze. the poses are quite standard for an erotic theme. the lack of chemistry is no suprise because the concept "in love" is a hight art form to manipulate if you're not really in love (yes, that's from a personal experience). of course, daria has a very strong presence and her beauty and sexiness oozes through the pictures.
    when viewing an ed, people see what they want to see. daria's fans will focus mostly on daria and andres' fans on andres. there's no need to take down andres just because you don't care for him.

  7. That first picture is amazing.

  8. completely well said anonymous - i really couldn't have said it better myself. i sometimes have a hard time explaining but thats exactly my opinion!
    thanks :)

  9. imo you make things too easy. :-)
    i mean, i'm getting used to this editorial and i think there're positive things too. so, it isn't a matter of nudity or whatever. of being politically correct.

    it's that woman as an accessory is mostly normality in media, not only in men's mags. and when women aren't accessory, there's a kind of body feticism - like in mags for women - where being flawless and thin is the norm, otherwise you're a loser. so the average image that media and fashion give are rather sexist.

    that said, i like daria very much, but she's fully into this. and
    an editorial like 'in love' says it so strongly that personally i needed some time today to metabolyse it.

  10. I hate Andrés Velencoso with all my heart and soul.


  11. haha !! Im betting loads of people hate him now