Friday, March 28, 2008

If Daria Were a Bounty Hunter

Got Jesus? One of my favourite and funniest Daria editorials has to be the Dog the Bounty Hunter editorial from Vogue Paris (November 'o7). I've watched the show occasionally and let's just say that Dog and his wife Linda are the definition of white trash (in the nicese possible way).They are straightforward, funny and do what they like, all with please and thank you. Plus doesn't Daria look so badass in her leather jacket? I am forever indebted to Carine Roitfeld for producing such a great editorial.

P.S. Ignore the constantly changing header on the blog... I'm still trying to figure out how I should make the layout and I'm getting quite frustrated. So if you see any changes during the week - now you know why :)

P.P.S Does anyone have any Daria pictures they'd like to suggest for the header?

Duane 'Dog' Chapman
Vogue Paris November 2007
Daria Werbowy by Bruce Weber

HQ scans thanks to rita-bmw at tFS


  1. Hahaha! These are too great. I haven't seen these before. I love how Daria looks so real in these pictures. Any other model would probably look like they're posing with the bounty hunters, but only top models can make it look like they're one of the bounty hunters.

  2. I was instantly in love with that editorial as soon as I came to see it flipping through Vogue...

    I quite like the present header, btw. Honestly, can can you go wrong with such a beauty?


  3. i think you should choose a header that somehow communicates the aim and the identity of this blog. not some related to daria herself, but some introducing the blog to your readers. an image catching the spirit of what you're meant to do. :-)

  4. secretagent:
    i completely agree - it just looks like daria as her natural self. i doubt they even told daria to pose. she just probably had fun with the crew and the photographer took the pictures! she is definetly a top mode

    thanks for the comment:) hehe but i changed it again. hope you like this one :)

  5. I loved this shoot. I don't even like dog the bounty hunter, but the shoot with Daria is hilarious.