Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vogue Hommes Spring Summer 2008

Quick news and I'm off to my papers! Daria has a new editorial in Vogue Hommes SS08 along with Andrés Segura. It's styled by Emmanuelle Alt, and shot by Inez & Vinoodh! According to deiselmax at tFS it's very dreamy - black and white shots of Daria (who is fully naked) and Andres on the beach.The editorial is called "In Love". Scans as soon as possible!
{ Pssst... it's the erotic issue ... }

That isn't the ed above by the way - just pictures of them both to see what it might look like


  1. but this photo is from an old Flare shoot?

  2. Oh no - that is old - i just put the two pictures side by side to see what they would look like :)
    i did a little note on the bottom

    how do you think they'll look together? im very excited :)

  3. oh i missed that, sorry! i heard she's gonna be fully nude in it?!

    he's ok, not amazing. she basically takes the focus away from anyone shes around so it doesnt matter who they use LOL

    hope they are up soon!

  4. how will they look together? let's say i'd have rather had erin wasson...
    anyway, i have low expectations. i also wonder what we'll see of that total nudity... and i'm here thinking if it will be a shooting with a naked woman and a dressed man, which i hate.
    p.s.: yes, that pic is from flare.

  5. claudia: haha no its ok :) and thats true! she is always the focus in pictures so im not too worried

    eword: i think it would have been pretty cool if they used erin wasson too - or both of them together :O
    lets just hope for the best! it is inez and vinoodh after all :)

  6. this blog is the freaking BEST place to come to stay up to the minute on daria. great work!