Monday, April 14, 2008

The Three Muses

Sighhh new work! And shot by Bruce Weber as well! Typically Miami is not the place I associate with high fashion but it seems as if Daria, along with Lara Stone and Kate (do I really need to say her last name?) Moss are shooting an editorial. Perhaps for Vogue Paris as I definetly do not see Anna Wintour using anything but Caroline Trentini and Annie Leibovitz. Hmm, is it a nude Daria again!? Lara's butt naked in the other pictures but there aren't any with Daria other than the red dress.

"Kate Moss (with Daria) is seen here posing for an arty photoshoot with famed fashion photographer Bruce Weber in the gardens of an exclusive Miami Beach hotel. The British model certainly had an eyeful as some of the models in the shoot posed nude alongside her. Moss took time out of a recent holiday with daughter Lila Grace in California to fly to Miami for the one day shoot" - Mavrix Online

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