Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Daria Effect

It looks like we didn't need to wait long for Daria's latest feature in October's issue of Glamour, as the great tigerrouge from tFS managed to snap a few pictures of her interview and accompanying shots. I know it might be early to say, but I think that this is hands down my favourite photo shoot of 2009. Daria has shot some beautiful work with Canadian photographer Derek Kettela (see here and here) and I think he is one of the few photographers that manages to capture her at her most natural, stripped of the usual heavy makeup and odd styling of other magazines.

Also, tigerrouge typed out the interview inside the magazine, so in case any readers out there can not get a hold of Glamour UK October 2009, here is the text:
She’s the impossibly beautiful face of Lancome, with a cool attitude and a body to die for. Daria Werbowy might just be your quintessential supermodel - but don’t ask her to wear a bikini, says Alessandra Steinherr.
It’s mid-afternoon on a sunny beach in Montauk, just outside New York. Daria is lying in a hammock while her make-up is being refreshed in between shots. “With all the technology and retouching,” she says, “sometimes I see pictures of myself in magazines and think, ‘Ooh, I look quite good there,’ and then realise I don’t look like that at all in reality.” The truth is, in reality, she is just that stop-in-your-tracks drop-dead gorgeous and her bare-faced beauty is remarkable.
At 25 years old, she is already known by her first name only. And while she doesn’t really do runway shows any more, she graces countless magazine covers and editorials (fashion bible Paris Vogue put her on their cover twice this year), heads up major fashion campaigns and is on billboards worldwide representing beauty powerhouse Lancome.
On our shoot she flicks through the clothes-rails like a stylist, stopping at the bikinis and saying, “Good luck with getting me into those,” and dismissing a strapless bathing suit as not being “right for my shape”. I am not quite sure what she means as clearly her body is pretty near perfect.
A day at the beach with a statuesque goddess sounds like any woman’s worst nightmare - but Daria is so unaffected that you can’t help but relax. And while she owes her looks to good genes, her healthy attitude and low-key-but-effective beauty and body routine is definitely achievable by all.
Interview continued below ...

BODY by Daria
“I am 25 now and I definitely noticed my body changing. I accept it and at the same time I realise it’s a lot of work to stay in shape.” And here’s how she does it…
Work your body… “My goal for this summer is to get back into training. At one point I went through a phase of going to the gym every day. With my trainer, Keyson, we do exercises on the ball for balance and use elasticated bands for resistance work, and he makes me run in-between sets to keep my heart-rate up.”
…but don’t obsess. “A lawyer goes to law-school to learn their trade and as a model it’s part of my job to stay healthy and take care of myself. It’s a luxury to be able to eat right and exercise. But it’s also hard to be 100% focused all the time. I have weaknesses too - I love ice cream. I really love ice cream.”
Cook your own meals. “I have always eaten healthily. I grew up on home-cooked meals. I cook a lot at home - that way you know what you are eating. Right now I’m into lots of raw salads and vegan food.”
Look after the skin on your body. “I use Absolue Body [LancĂ´me] religiously, I usually don’t stick to products but I’ve stuck to this - it keeps my skin supple and in good condition.”
Hopefully, I'll have the scans of the article ASAP!

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