Friday, June 13, 2008

There With Flare ... and Daria

i was just looking through an old archive of Daria videos when i came across the there with flare video - Daria had just shot her cover (i think it was her fifth?) with the magazine and i think it was one of the most interesting conversations with her to date

i just realised that shes about the only model that captivates me in terms of what she has to say. i was watching an interview with isabeli fontana on fashiontv today and it was five minutes of my life ill never get back. the girl is gorgeous but really all she had to say was "i will wear something short, and sexy... short and short!" when asked how she celebrates new year....
Daria on the other hand actually has some insight into what she does. for her its more of a job than it is a lifestyle and that's why i like her - because she has other interests than "like, we get to wear cool clothes".
i made some crappy caps on the side and here's the interview below :


  1. she is so educated! i am glad she didnt become a sellout. i know lancome wanted her to be this big supermodel and housename but i dont think she ever wanted a part in that. bravo to her for actually sticking to her morals in this industry

  2. The fact that she is so true to herself is actually a major reason as to why I adore her so much.

  3. i called it the blonde interview!
    the new layout is beautiful!

  4. you are so much in love with daria!!

    and i love her too!1love her at any age!!

  5. She looks great with that hair!

  6. very true alasdf87 - you never see her running around and promoting herself nonstop. i think maybe thats what lancome wanted to do with her.
    the only thing shes really advertised is lancomes collaboration with vik muniz and galpao aplauso but that was because she loves art and i think was truly interested in the cause

    aizat - its not too hard to be in love with her :P