Friday, June 20, 2008

Vogue US July 2008 : Adult Education by David Sims

just came back to a quick trip to the computer from watching soccer (Croatia vs. turkey -still 0-0!). it seems just in time - the new pictures from the vogue us editorial have been posted. its very standard vogue us fair (gray backgrounds, jumping models....) but this time I'm not complaining. actually I'm quite pleased (considering the stupid stuff shes had to do in the past)
anytime that a vogue us editorial gives me more than one image to love then its OK by me
to be honest i was prepared to hate this but out of Daria's usual work in vogue us some of the pictures make the editorial interesting, like these ones i featured. Daria is so strong in these and i envy the fact she can jump so high in stilettos (Linda evangelista pose off anyone?). she plays her characters so well with being strong yet feminine at the same time - she sort of reminds me of a superhero in these

to view the full editorial click here and here (thanks idolfan8890!)


  1. youre right! she does look like a superhero.daria can manage to look mascualline and feminine at the same time. so much strength and beauty

    and did you watch the rest of the game? that was such a wierd ending.i was cheering for croatia :( i cant believe turkey scored the LAST SECOND holy shit!

  2. i did watch the game! it was so good for the last minutes :P
    it was very intense
    i cant wait for russia and netherlands today! im betting on netherlands though