Saturday, June 7, 2008

Out of Africa

FrancyItaly at bellazon has scanned the entire vanity fair Italian issue which features even more pictures of Daria and the other models. i have to say that the one below is my favourite - the elephant was Cathy and reading over the article it seems like she was the big super on set!
i have to say that at first i was really anxious to see the pictures - i thought they would turn out to be very "rich girl goes on safari trip to Africa" but they're quite the opposite. i see that nearly all the girls are in the elements, either rolling in mud or with the animals.

I've seen peter beard's work in a couple of nation geographic magazines so i doubt that this will turn into something like testino's work on location. i was worried they would make it something extremely glamorous which i find so stupid when they use this method to contrast with the African wildlife. so far the pictures I've seen are quite gorgeous. However, Peter Beards work is very visually stunning and he seems to be the perfect photographer for this concept - if you'd like to see more of his works go to his website.


  1. can't wait to see the ix!

  2. Daria looks absolutely fantastic! I think I'll buy the calendar this year just for Daria. Can someone please post these pics in Daria's thread in tFS? (I'm not a member). That thread has been a little bit slow recently. We need some excitement! Of course all credit to FrancyItaly.

  3. Oops, just found out I can't really "buy" the calendar; it's exclusively for some big shots, VIPs...
    Ok, I need to pray for some scans...

  4. ill get to work on the daria thread but im quite busy now - and yes its very slow!