Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daria by Daria

Quick post here as I'm off to bed soon - I'm too tired for anything substantial!
Daria is not in one, but two new interviews featuring her work for Lancome and her personal life (haha yeah right). She is featured in an issue of Hello Canada as well as Glamour UK.
The hello canada interview was scanned by elytrae at tFS (thanks!). i read through and nothing new. You'd think if they had an interview with such an amazing model with great personality they would ask better questions... it's all really snippets of what she's said before.

Daria by aria is a new interview in Glamour UK. I haven't read through the entire thing yet but it seems a bit more promising - a new photo shoot and a lengthy feature! you can find the scans here

Edit: I have just read through the Glamour article and nothing interesting. The shots are beautiful and the ones in this post are my favourite. Really the only "juicy" piece of information is that Daria has a boyfriend, which is really not that interesting at all!


  1. please note the contradiction i pinpointed at my blog...

  2. anyway, basically the thing is that in this article daria's loft has become an anonymous loft in brooklyn where she was late cos she was driven there by her boyfriend!