Thursday, June 12, 2008

change of scenery

finally! a new layout! i was just playing around and happened to come across this. knowing me though, ill probably change it in a week. i like this a lot better than the old one though. its much more detailed - no plain blogger for me - i love art for a reason! so to celebrate the new layout take a look at an old daria (technically young daria but old pic)
i just found this flicking through her thread at tFS. it was from the marc by marc show in fall 03!needless to say the expressions have softened up a bit on the runway - she looks like she's going to take out wintour in the front row!
ive also added a music player - i have one on the other blog and i figured why not here too. plus, the strokes make everything better


  1. this looks so profeshional! where did u get the layout?
    daria looks sooo cute in that pic even though she does look pissed!

  2. ^ its actually from blogger - i just changed a bit of the images and backgrounds :) thanks!