Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Very Good Bye

I have some bad news but I've tried my best to mediate it with this post ... unfortunately (and fortunately) I will be away for a month on a trip and I don't think I will be able to have Internet connection most of the time. I'll try my best to do check-ins and update the site as much as I can but I am just warning my readers and letting you know that this break won't be as long as the last! I'll be back in less than a month and make sure to blog everything I have missed!

But for now, to satiate your Daria needs in this long drought, I have found a bucket-load of candids of Daria. And every single photo is beautiful! What makes these even greater is the fact that they are candids and show Daria in her natural element, with her friends and family - whether it be sailing, on a trip to Corsica, backstage at the Canadian Walk of Fame or at home in Toronto. I'm soooo excited to share these photos with you because I don't believe we've ever gotten to see Daria like this. I have to say, although it is really hard, my favourite photos have to be of Daria playing the guitar on a boat and cigarette in mouth. Can she really get any more cooler?

Now before you worry, all of these photos were taken from a reliable site and are already out in the public. They are all taken from photographer Gregory White's flickr page. Now, for a little backdrop to how I found these photos. Incidentally I did a Google search for Daria's boyfriend (I'm assuming we all know who her significant other is by now?) and came across a photo of his work on flickr. Not thinking much of it I clicked on the photographers portfolio and came across all of these photos. After a little looking I realized Gregory White is actually a friend of Daria.
Now enjoy these photos because they may be some of the most we'll see in the following months seeing as Daria is on another sailing trip this summer, much like the ones in the photos below!

Please credit to Gregory White for his great skills if you decide to share these and some credit to this site would be very very much appreciated!


  1. thanx so much for the pics. they are beyond gorgeous. im amazed. wherever u go, have a great time!!!!!!!!!

  2. have a great trip!!! wow!! Thank u,Daria is so amzing and showing us her best !!!

  3. So... Who is her boyfriend!? I still dont know :(