Friday, August 19, 2011

Back From Vacation

I'm back from vacation and back to a lot of news. Daria isn't on the cover of any issues of Vogue and hasn't returned to working with Steven Meisel but she has been busy the past few weeks.
First - Daria's never-ending streak of Elle covers. Since I've been gone she's appeared on five more international versions of Elle, racking her total up to 11 covers this year! And all from one editorial! There's nothing nicer than seeing Daria on three different issues in the airport magazine shops. Needless to say I bought all three, if not just for Daria then also for the fact that a 10 hour flight was in my schedule.

Left to right: Elle Croatia, Norway, Ukraine, Romania and Greece

Daria has also been seen hanging out with photographer Terry Richardson, in these three candid shots from his blog This can mean that Daria has a new editorial, maybe even a cover, lensed by Terry in the future. Terry's work ususally pops up in Vogue Paris and Vogue Russia, so I'd keep my eyes on future issues from these magazines.

Daria and Terry in the studio

There have also been tons of unpublished photos that keep popping up, mostly outtakes from Daria's recent editorials in Flare and Elle Canada. Its great to see more photos from otherwise smaller editorials, and it kind of fills the void we've all been feeling from Daria's lack of editorial work recently.

Flare Canada September 2009 (1 - 4), Flare Canada March 2006 (5 & 6) Flare Canada September 2009 (7 - 10) all by Max Abadian

Daria has six campaigns to her name for the 2011 winter season so far. To be honest I'm not really excited by any of these. Most of the campaigns are rehashes of old material (Stefanel, Oroton, Balmain, Joseph) and the others just follow the same formula of WASPs on location (Salvatore and Hugo Boss). Maybe another YSL campaign will make up for it? Yes?

Left to right: Oroton, Balmain, Stefanel, Salvatore Ferragammo, Hugo Boss and Joseph UK

Anyways I've updated the site with all of these new images, including finishing the Covers section (all done!) and uploading all of Daria's editorials from 1999 to 2003. There's still work to do on the site but I thought a post like this might bring us up to date.


  1. i am so jealous that you got to buy some of the Elle magazines!

  2. I love airports solely for that reason - they're magazine shops always have such a huge collection! It makes the wait time so much better :p